Xbox Live’s Ultimate Game Sale: Day 5 Deals

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale

March 4th is just around the corner but the daily deals keep coming out of the gates on Xbox Live. Today is the 5th installment of the Ultimate Game Sale and boy are there some awesome games available for great prices today. RPG gamers will have a field day with all of these titles. Check out what’s up for grabs:

  • Batman Arkham City – Originally $29.99, on sale for $14.99
  • Borderlands – Originally $19.99, on sale for $9.99
  • Borderlands 2 – Originally $59.99, on sale for $29.99
  • Fable 3 – Originally $19.99, on sale for $9.99
  • Dead Island – Originally $29.99, on sale for $9.99
  • Fallout New Vegas – Originally $19.99, on sale for $9.99
  • Portal 2 – Originally $29.99, on sale for $14.99
  • Red Dead Redemption – Originally $29.99, on sale for $14.99
  • Dishonored – Originally $59.99, on sale for $29.99

As you can tell, all of these games are on sale for 50% off with the exception of Dead Island which is available for a whopping 67% off. These deals are only good through today so buy them up while the prices are low! One of the best games on this list is Dishonored, definitely a title worth picking up for just $30.

All of these games are available via the Xbox 360 dashboard for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. For those that aren’t subscribed to Xbox Live, you can download these titles to your Xbox console by purchasing them from

Source: [Major Nelson]

Past UGS deals:

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