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Xbox 360 Sales Drop 28 Percent From Last Year

After releasing an official quarterly fiscal report for Q2, it was revealed that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console sales have dropped a massive 28% since 2011. While other properties such as the Windows 8 Phone have seen an increase in sales, the Xbox has seen a decline in revenue of over $1 billion since last year. This may sound like bad news but the Xbox 360 still remains the best selling video game console in the U.S. and MS is still reporting record profits overall.

Xbox 360 Sales Drop

According to Polygon.com, Microsoft “shipped 5.9 million units from October to December 2012, a 28 percent drop from the 8.2 million units shipped in the same quarter of 2011.” (source)

Does this mean the Xbox brand is on a decline overall? Not at all. The Xbox 360 is now just over 7 years old and with all the hype building up about the next generation Xbox console coming out later this year gamers are probably holding on to their cash and waiting to purchase the new device rather than buy a 360.

Microsoft has sold nearly 76 million units of their gaming console worldwide. It is currently the 7th best selling gaming device of all time. Of the current-generation game consoles it is the 2nd best selling. The Nintendo Wii is at the top of the list with 07 million units sold and the Playstation 3 is in 3rd place with just over 70 million units sold.

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