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What the Console-ification of PC Means for Gamers

Gamers are usually divided into two categories: PC gamers and console gamers. There are very few cases in which players enjoy both PC and console games. However, the times seem to be changing.

For instance, the upcoming PlayStation 4 is provided with a questionably computeresque core. Besides, there are plenty of brand-new technologies that seem to offer PC gamers an unusual experience similar to the ones known by console gamers.

But how will this shift of technology affect a PC gamer?

PC vs Console Gaming

Different Strokes

Computers are still better than consoles from many points of view, such as the possibility to customize and the complexity of control-schemes. However, consoles have several advantages over PCs, and most of them are related to their simplicity. The ideal behind Steam Box relies on both small and quiet PCs designed to be introduced in receivers, Xbox 360 and Blu-Ray players. Steam Boxes will probably end up being divided into three different categories:

Good—their price will be around $100 but they will work only for mobile and casual Web games.

Better—these consoles will be purchased for around $300 but their graphics processors will be strong enough to deal with the most recent games.

Best—these consoles won’t have any restrictions related to specs or size.

However, for a $300 price you could get a Big Picture mode and a device good enough to bring PC gaming into your own living room.

As a result, players will no longer buy expensive PCs and use them as consoles, when there are plenty of other, cheaper alternatives.

Nvidia, a company known for its goal of entering players’ living rooms using its new Project SHIELD handheld, has come out with some solutions that could make your PCs be even more console-ified.

Streamlined Simulations Within the Cloud

PC gaming has also had two major pains: settings optimization and driver maintenance. However, Nvidia’s GeForce Experience is about to change that.

Nvidia’s cloud-connected software chimes their servers to check for driver updated automatically. Besides, this software also scans the hardware configuration of your PC and checks Nvidia’s database in an attempt to optimize your games’ graphic settings. The main idea is that the GeForce Experience will help you forget about all kinds of options that were supposed to bring back those incredible frame rates.

However, this project isn’t finished yet so gamers will probably have to wait another couple of months until Nvidia manages to provide this software with full potential.

Under the Hood

The biggest shock that will probably rock PC gamers’ environments will be caused by the increased computerization process through which consoles are going right now.

Many specialists agree that gamers will soon witness a junction between triple-A, 3D console games and triple-A, 3D PC games. This means that games will no longer be released on a single platform. However, the idea of PC games provided with streamlined interfaces designed to ease the console portability seems a nightmare scenario.

There’s a wide range of low-end desktops and laptops that are not so powerful as high-end PCs or consoles. This is the best example when it comes to computers that have been dealing with your needs for more than three years thanks to their great capabilities, especially now when publishers and developers are trying to please their active users.

All the game developers contacted in order to share their perspective refused to speak on this matter, claiming that the console transition is a very important topic and that their best decision would be to analyze better the situation before talking.

Not in the Close Future, But One Day

Although all these amazing technologies haven’t been developed yet, they will certainly have their days of glory in the future. PCs will certainly offer performance gaming another several years, but no one knows yet whether the process of designing games for different platforms will matter.

What we do know for sure is that one day the two categories of gamers will reunite and call themselves plain gamers.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a big fan of movies, TV and a video game loving flesh. He is passionate about writing, gaming and latest gadgets. He is always up to date with technology. Also he is part of the gaming site Zombie Games 365.

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