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SWAT Playlist Coming to Halo 4 with Next Week’s Update

Halo players have come to love the SWAT playlist in the series. That said, most expected to see the gametype appear in the Halo 4 playlists but were met with disappointment when the game released. The 343 Industries team realized this and on November 8th they put out a blog post on Halo Waypoint stating that SWAT will be added to H4 sometime next week with the update.

The team also released more intricate details regarding how SWAT will work in Halo 4. This information included how many shots each gun in the playlist will take to achieve a kill and what maps would be in the SWAT gametype rotation. Also revealed in the post are a few general tips for improving your performance while playing SWAT. The blog post reads:

Below are the exact number of shots it takes for each weapon to kill.

• DMR – 3 bullets to the chest, 1 bullet to the head
• Magnum – 3 bullets to the chest, 1 bullet to the head
• BR – 7 bullets to the chest (this gun shoots three bullets in a burst, so the first bullet of the third burst will kill the player), 1 bullet to the head

These are the maps that will appear in the SWAT playlist.

• Haven
• Adrift
• Complex
• Abandon
• Solace

Here are some strategies for those unfamiliar with the SWAT game type.

• Aim for the head!
• Use a DMR for long range encounters and a BR to sweep hallways.
• A Magnum is more effective than melee at very close range because of its incredibly fast fire speed.
• Use callouts with your teammates; communication allows you to work more efficiently as a team.
• Pick up a DMR or BR off of an enemy. Having both weapons is a big advantage.
• Learn the maps to keep your reticle at headshot level.

343 also revealed that the games will be standard 4v4 team matches that will have a set win score of 600 points which is the equivalent of 60 kills. There will be 2 loadouts available, one that will have the DMR & magnum and the other will have BR & magnum. The games will have infinite ammo, no shields and no grenades as per typical SWAT rules.

Halo 4 SWAT Playlist Coming Soon

343 Industries has said in the past that Halo 4 will be receiving weekly updates and it looks like they are making good on their promise. This should be the first of many more updates to come.

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