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Review: Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC New Multiplayer Maps

As most of you know, 4/16 marked the release date of the Uprising DLC for Black Ops 2. This added 4 new multiplayer maps to the game and the biggest COD zombies experience ever, Mob of the Dead. We haven’t had time to try out the new zombies content but we’ve been playing through the new maps and figured we’d do a review of each one.

Below we’ve written a short summary of each map and also posted a video tour of them. Please note that the videos were not intended to be awesome gameplay vids and were made in custom games setup with bots. They were developed purely for the purpose of giving players a look at how the map is visually and how it may play in-game.

BO2 Uprising Maps Review


Magma is probably the most interesting of all the Uprising maps. It’s not a particularly large map but there are many unique elements in it. Certain areas of the map, such as the middle section below the road, are surrounded by mounds of lava. This lava can cause damage to the player and, if a gamer decides to stay in it too long, kill a player.

There are several small buildings for players to setup in as well as narrow passageways and even a wrecked bus. We found this map to be extremely fun to play objective games such as Hardpoint and Domination on. The gameplay is fairly fast-paced. While it is possible to use assault rifles and snipers on Magma on certain stretches, an SMG is definitely the weapon of choice.


Encore is a medium sized concert hall. There is a center stage and a bleacher-like area but a lot of the action happens on the outskirts and inner portions of the map. There are tunnels and walkways that pass under the main stage and also go into small rooms in the stands, and across passages behind the bleachers, too.

The initial, official intel video for Encore made it appear very small. It’s not a huge map, but it isn’t tiny either. There are plenty of small rooms and tight corners where players like to camp and wait for the enemy. The weapons we found to work best on this map were assault rifles and SMGs.


Vertigo is a rather small map with a lot of tight spaces. This makes for very fast, confrontational gameplay. There are multiple levels but most of the action occurs on the mid-level where there are platforms and a medium-sized room in the middle of the map. There are tons of short, narrow corridors that lead both to the outside portions of the map and the central room.

Players are able to climb ladders and jump through windows to get to the different levels of Vertigo. You have to be pretty careful when running around the outside perimeter of the map, though, because it can be easy to fall off the side of the building to your death. SMGs are definitely the popular choice of weaponry here.


Studio is a beautifully crafted, creative re-imagining of a fan favorite, Firing Range. It’s setup nearly identical to the original map in terms of layout but has been given a very fresh, unique appearance. Building 2 has been transformed into a castle, the very back of the map now features a skeleton-pirate themed backdrop, and the area behind the trailer now has an alien ship attacking a city. Overall, it’s a very creative and fun remake of Firing Range. We thoroughly enjoyed the new look.

Our Review & Final Thoughts

Score: 8/10

Overall, this was a great map pack. Treyarch has really been doing well with DLC for BO2. The only reason we knocked 2 points off the total was because Studio is technically just adding an old map back in. But, even so, it was still a pleasant surprise with the cosmetic upgrades it received. These maps were a great addition to the game and definitely have the right elements to become player favorites in the near future.

We’ll be doing a review of the new Mob of the Dead zombies DLC once we’ve gotten to have some time with it. But from the trailers and word of mouth testimonies we’ve been hearing from other gamers, it sure sounds awesome.

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