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PUBG: Best Guns to Use for Survival and Eliminations

Sometimes one of the most difficult and time consuming things in any shooter is figuring out which guns are the best to use. This is especially true in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds where you don’t always get a lot of play time with every weapon in the game. Today, we’re going to talk about what the best PUBG weapons are in each category.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Best Guns

There are a decent number of weapons in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ranging from nearly-useless melee items to power-packing snipers and everything inbetween. So, how do you go about figuring out which ones are the top of their class? Practice and a lot of play time.

PUBG Best Guns

Today, we’re going to reveal what we believe are PUBG best guns in the game. Our picks are based on things like damage capabilities, accuracy, versatility, and general feel. Keep in mind this is a 100% opinionated piece. Your thoughts of a gun may very well differ from our own.

Best Assault Rifles

SCAR-L: The SCAR is by far our favorite assault rifle, possibly even our favorite gun in the game, period. It deals a decent amount of damage, is quite accurate, doesn’t have a ton of recoil, and works well in numerous situations. It’s definitely one of the better all-around weapons available in PUBG.


M16: An even simpler gun to use is the M16. With both a semi-auto and a burst fire mode this rifle packs punch and precision. This is one of the go-to weapons for new players, but is also common among seasoned PUBG pros that like to have good mid-range capabilities.

Other assault rifles are decent in the right hands. For most, it’s about learning how to control the recoil and, of course, landing your shots to conserve ammunition and make the most of your weaponry in every firefight.

Assault rifles can be further improved with the use of various weapon attachments such as grips for improved stability, suppressors to nix audio cues to your location, and extended magazines to give you more bullets in the mag to fire rather than needing to reload mid-battle.

Struggling to play well? Be sure to read through our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tips and tricks for some quick pointers to improve your gameplay.

Best Snipers in PUBG

AWM: The AWM is easily our go-to sniper. It deals massive damage and has ridiculous range. It even works quite well against players with higher-level armor. In many cases, a well-placed shot with the AWM will lay an opponent to waste with one shot, two at most. The only problem is finding one. You can only get your hands on this sniper via air drops.

PUBG Sniper Rifles

M24: If you aren’t lucky enough to find an AWM the next best thing, in our opinion, is the M24. This sniper has great damage output, fantastic range, and an ammo type that’s fairly easy to find. We highly recommend using the M24 if you’re planning to set up camp and pick off foes from across the land. You can use our PUBG loot map to find out where drops are most likely to occur.

Sniper rifles are obviously best suited for camping out somewhere where you’ve got an open eye on the terrain, but also have plenty of cover to keep you concealed from enemy view. They’re very deadly and extremely accurate. As long as you’re smart about taking your shots and have good aim you can do pretty well with these weapons.

As far as gun mods go you’ll probably want to get an extended-zoom sight and, of course, a suppressor. An 8x or 15x zoom scope allows you to get a better view across the map while the suppressor will significantly reduce the sound emitted when you fire a shot – allowing you to maintain your position without compromising yourself. We cover attachments and weapons in even more detail in our in-depth PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game guide.

Best Shotgun

S686: An extremely powerful, double-barreled shotgun that can take down even the toughest enemy, the S686 is our shotgun of choice. It’s also one of the PUBG best guns, period. It’s effective range isn’t too bad either, but its in close-quarters encounters it can eliminate practically any foe in one or two blasts.

S1897: Another great option is the S1897. This one is only recommended for very short distance combat, though. It’s range is very limited. But when rounding corners, going down short hallways, and entering small rooms it’s one of the best weapons in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for ending an enemy quick. Keep in mind, though, that the firing rate is quite low so you need to make your shots count or you’re going to get caught with your pants around your ankles.

Shotguns are a very potent weapon type in PUBG, but are designed to be effective only in short distance engagements. Anything beyond 15-20 meters typically means your shotgun blast will do very little to your opponent and you’ll be decimated by a player rocking an SMG or assault rifle.

Shotguns are especially useful toward the beginning of each map if you come across one immediately. Having it on-hand allows you to scavenge buildings that may be occupied with other players without having to worry too much.

Best SMGs in PUBG

Vector: The Vector is a powerhouse SMG and another one of our picks for best PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds guns overall. It works exceptionally well in short and medium range firefights. Its even effective slightly beyond its normal effective range if you just fire in controlled bursts. This gun can absolutely rip through your competition if you’re a good shot.

UMP: Another great option is the UMP. This one is a bit different, though. It doesn’t spray lead as fast as the Vector, but it’s a good bit more stable and has better range. This makes it a great choice of weaponry for short or medium range engagements. It’s also one of the best SMGs in PUBG in terms of ammunition. The 9mm rounds are fairly common around the map.

Submachine guns (SMGs) are best utilized in short-medium range engagements. They fire bullets rapidly and typically have much less accuracy than say an assault rifle, but they can burn through opponents fast at short distances as long as your aim is on point.

SMGs are primarily used within buildings and in other somewhat smaller, confined areas where you can close the gap on your opponent relatively quick. They work great against shotguns at mid range and can even blast through opponents sporting assault rifles at times. The key is to learn how to manage the recoil and land as many bullets on your target as possible.

Best Pistol

This was probably the toughest weapon category. Why? Well, because pistols in general are all but useless in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They deal very little damage and aren’t particularly accurate when firing either.

P92: Our favorite handgun in PUBG is the P92. No, it doesn’t do a spectacular amount of damage, but it’s somewhat reliable compared to other pistols in the game. If you’re taking on enemies soon after hitting the ground it can be useful as it can kill scantily clad opponents in a handful of shots. It works even better if you’re an excellent marksman and can nail headshots consistently.

P1911: The only other option we care for is the P1911. This pistol deals a bit more damage than the P92, but it just doesn’t feel as smooth.

Pistols are one of the weapon types that should be saved as a last resort for when you’ve completely burned through ammunition on another gun or don’t have any other weapons other than your fists. They’re mostly terrible and definitely not ideal for challenging opponents with real weaponry.

Best Melee Weapon

Frying Pan: There really isn’t anything better than the cast-iron pan of doom. It should ALWAYS be a last resort weapon selection – unless you’re just trying to troll an unsuspecting victim. Melee weapons in general aren’t great, but if you’re out of ammo or just have nothing else on-hand, the frying pan is definitely the way to go.

Melee weapons are always intended to be a last-resort. You have to be in your opponent’s face or right against their back to actually make contact with them. Plus, if your opponent has an actual weapon – like a gun – your chances of survival are very low if you’re going the melee route.

Nevertheless, melee weapons have their place in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just like everything else. If nothing else – they’re a hilarious addition to the game.

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