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PUBG Attachments: Full List and Overview of PUBG Weapon Attachments

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players have the ability to equip optional pieces of modification equipment known as attachments to their weapons. Attachments modify weapons in a number of different ways including increasing ammo capacity, reducing recoil, and more. Today, we’re going to take a look at all of the PUBG attachments and provide a summary of each one.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Attachments Guide

Attachments, or as some refer to them – mods, are pieces of equipment that players can find while scavenging or get from loot crates that enhance or augment the capabilities of weapons. We touched on them a bit in our full PUBG weapons guide, but let’s discuss them further.

PUBG Attachments

Below, we’ve provided both a complete list of the available attachments in the came and our thoughts on each one. These are broken down into categories for easy reading.

NOTE: Not all weapons have slots for all attachment types. We’ve noted in each section which weapons are capable of equipping the mods listed.

Muzzle Attachments

Muzzle-based attachments are those that are typically equipped to the end of the gun barrel. The available muzzle-type mods in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds include chokes, compensators, flash hiders, and suppressors.

Here is the full list of muzzle attachments:

  • Choke for S1897
  • Choke for S686
  • Compensator for Automatic Rifle
  • Compensator for Sniper Rifle
  • Flash Hider for Automatic Rifle
  • Flash Hider for SMG
  • Suppressor for Automatic Rifle
  • Suppressor for Pistol
  • Suppressor for SMG
  • Suppressor for Sniper Rifles

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Weapon Attachments

S1897 / S686 Choke – This attachment tightens the spread of shots from shotguns. This means accuracy and range get a bit of a boost when its equipped. Recommended for players that stick to close-quarters combat in buildings and other confined spaces.

Compensators (for snipers and automatics) – These PUBG attachments are equipped to weapons and provide a slight decrease in recoil when firing the gun.

Flash Hiders (available for SMGs, automatic rifles, and snipers) – This is an attachment that eliminates the flash at the end of the barrel whenever the weapon is fired, making it more difficult to spot where gunfire is coming from. They also give a slight reduction in recoil.

Suppressors (for automatics, SMGs, snipers, and pistols) – A suppressor is a device fitted to the end of the weapon that reduces the audible sound when firing the gun. This allows players to be more stealthy by reducing audio cues that give away the general direction in which gunfire is coming from.

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Grip-style attachments are those that are equipped beneath the barrel of the gun for additional support and a better handle on the weapon.

Grip-style attachments in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds include:

  • Angled Foregrip
  • Vertical Foregrip

Angled Foregrip – This attachment can be equipped to the M416, SCAR-L, and UMP-9. It’s primary effect is to improve stability and reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil. This gives a slight boost to accuracy and makes the gun easier to manage.

Vertical Foregrip – This piece is capable of being fitted on the M416, SCAR-L, UMP-9, and the Vector. It, too, is meant to reduce recoil and give the player better control of the weapon when firing it – especially when firing in full-auto modes.

PUBG Guide


A stock is another type of weapon attachment that is meant to improve the feel and stability of the gun its equipped to.

Stock attachments in the game are:

  • Cheek Pad for Sniper Rifle
  • Stock for Micro Uzi
  • Tactical Stock

Cheek Pad for Sniper Rifle – This a piece that attaches to the back end of the sniper and its effects are making recovering from shot recoil faster and reducing the sway of the weapon while aiming down sights. It can be equipped to the M24, AWM, Kar98k, SKS, and the VSS.

Stock for Micro Uzi – An attachment unique to the Uzi. Attaches to the back of the weapon granting improved stability and slightly increased accuracy. This is a recommended attachment if you plan to use the Uzi as the gun is rather inaccurate and has somewhat difficult recoil to manage without it.

Tactical Stock – The Tactical Stock is an attachment that currently only fits on the M416 and the Vector. It makes recovering from recoil a bit faster and reduces the sway of the weapon while aiming. This gives both of these guns improved accuracy and makes them even easier to manage when firing in full-auto.

Magazine Attachments in PUBG

Tired of running out of bullets and needing to make an inconvenient reload in the middle of a firefight? Then you may want to keep an eye out for one of the magazine-style PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds weapon attachments. Most of these either boost your bullet count in each mag or speed up reload times.

Magazine attachments available in PUBG include:

  • Extended Mag Drum
  • Extended Mag for Automatic Rifle
  • Extended Mag for Pistol
  • Extended Mag for SMG
  • Extended Mag for Sniper Rifle
  • Quickdraw Mag for Automatic Rifle
  • Quickdraw Mag for Pistol
  • Quickdraw Mag for SMG
  • Quickdraw Mag for Sniper Rifle
  • Quiver for Crossbow
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag for Automatic Rifle
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag for Pistol
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag for SMG
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag for Sniper Rifle

Extended Mag – The extended mag attachment replaces the standard magazine and slightly increases the bullet count in each mag for the weapon its equipped to. This attachment is available for the AKM, M16A4, M416, SCAR-L, S12K, P1911, P92, Micro UZI, UMP9, Vector, M24, AWM, and the SKS.

Extended Mag Drum – An extended mag style weapon attachment that is exclusive to the Tommy Gun.

Quickdraw Mag – Quickdraw mag attachments are smaller, slimmer magazines that replace the original. These allow the player to draw their weapon quicker from the hip. This is helpful when you need to get the drop on an enemy fast. Available for most assault rifles, pistols, SMGs, and snipers.

Extended Quickdraw Mag – The Extended Quickdraw Mag type of PUBG attachments is a combination of the standard extended and quickdraw mags. This means with it equipped the player will have more ammo in each magazine and be able to draw faster from the hip.

Quiver for Crossbow – The Crossbow quiver is essentially a quickdraw mag designed specifically for the crossbow.

Bullet Loops

Bullet loops are special weapon attachments in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that are only available for a select few guns and have varying effects.

The bullet loop attachments in the game include:

  • Bullet Loops for Kar98k
  • Bullet Loops for S1897 / S686

Bullet Loops for Kar98k – This attachment is exclusive to the Kar98k. Its effects include a faster reload time and reduced bullet spread.

Bullet Loops for S1897 / S686 – This attachment is only available for the S1897 and S686 shotguns. It provides more ammo and allows for a faster draw from the hip for both guns.


Sights are perhaps one of the most basic, yet most helpful types of weapon attachments in PUBG, or any shooter title for that matter. There are numerous sight types that have different looks and abilities.

Weapon sights available in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds include:

  • 15x PM II Scope
  • 2x Aimpoint Scope
  • 4x ACOG Scope
  • 8x CQBSS Scope
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red Dot Sight

15x PM II Scope – An advanced sight attachment with 15x zoom. Currently only available from air drops – check out our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds loot map to find out where they happen most. It can be attached to a number of guns including the AKM, SCAR-L, M16, SKS, and more.

2x Aimpoint Scope – A holographic-style sight with 2x magnification. This attachment can be equipped to many different guns in the game such as the UMP9, SCAR-L, AKM, Vector, and the OTs-14 Gorza.

4x ACOG Scope – A telescopic-style gun sight with multiple levels of magnification. Zoom levels range from 1.5x to 6x. Fits on numerous weapons – mostly assault rifles and snipers.

8x CQBSS Scope – Another telescopic-style sight with multiple zoom levels. Available for most automatic rifles and sniper rifles.

Holographic Sight – A standard holographic-style weapon sight. This one can be attached to a variety of weapons including rifles, SMGs, and even the Crossbow.

Red Dot Sight – A holographic-style sight that also uses a laser to create a red dot in the exact center of the crosshairs. This sight is also available for a ton of guns.


When available, use PUBG attachments to improve the capabilities of the weapons you scavenge in each match. They often give you a better fighting chance of survival by assisting with enhanced views, improved aim, and more. Use them to your advantage.

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