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Official Playstation Magazine (PSM) Shutting Down in 2013

Any magazine that has lasted 15 years can certainly be labeled a success. Unfortunately, that success is sure to come to a certain doom at some point. With the massive decline in print media over the past few years Playstation: The Official Magazine, also commonly referred to as PSM, is officially calling it quits after this year. The last issue of the magazine willPlaystation: The Official Magazine, Issue #1 be the 2012 holiday issue, no further releases will come in 2013 and beyond.

Playstation: The Official Magazine published its very first issue back in September of 1997, just over 15 years ago. The first issue featured the legendary Final Fantasy VII game on the front cover. PSM was the single most successful magazine dedicated to the Sony video game consoles. It gained a huge following of devout readers many times more than any other publication available for Playstation news.

Several gaming blogs around the Web have been posting about the recent news of the magazine’s end including GameZone, GameInformer and GameSpot.

GameSpot writes:

Future US confirms Sony-focused magazine will cease publication after upcoming Holiday 2012 issue.

The list of gaming publications to cease production is growing. Publisher Future US confirmed to Game Informer that PlayStation: The Official Magazine‘s Holiday 2012 issue will be its last. No further information regarding why the magazine is coming to an end is available.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine editor-in-chief Roger Burchill remarked on Twitter, “And…I think it’s time I say ‘So long and thanks for all the fish,’ and take a little break from Twitter. Check you on the flip side.”

According to marketing material documents, the magazine boasted a circulation of approximately 139,000 and an audience of 956,320.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine is the second gaming-focused publication that Future US has canceled recently, following the closure of Nintendo Power in August. Additionally, the cancellation of PlayStation: The Official Magazine comes one year after GamePro shut down after 23 years of continual publication. (source)

This is sad news for any fan of PSM. It seems print magazines are making their way out as the digital revolution of tablets and higher Internet usage rolls in. Hopefully we will see more of these media companies adapt to the changing world an focus more on delivering news and tips via the Internet. There are great revenue models out there for monetizing online content that these companies should look into taking advantage of.

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