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No Guild Wars 2 Expansion Releases Planned

Guild Wars 2 has had quite the rise to fame in the world of MMORPGs. Unfortunately it was recently confirmed that there are currently no expansions planned for the game. Developers state that they will continue to add new features and improve upon player experiences using the current GW2 world rather than adding new areas. The team mentioned that it’s still a possibility but just isn’t something they’re looking into right now.

Source: [Gamespot]

Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost

That hasn’t stopped the success of the game, though. In fact, NC Soft, the company behind the game, reported record profits last quarter. They cited Guild Wars 2 as being a large contribution to this earning well over $109 million. With that kind of revenue pouring in from one game one can only assume the guys & gals of the development team would be more than happy to expand the game further for the enjoyment of the players. But, sadly, it won’t.

Source: [Gamasutra]

While GW2 won’t be seeing any huge expansions anytime soon it is constantly being updated. The latest series of content updates are part of a large-scale storyline named Flame & Frost. The next installment, The Razing, will be added to the game come March 26th.

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