New MMORPGs Coming Out in 2013

Just like the new movie releases, gaming enthusiasts always expect a new set of MMORPGs every year. Aside from the new breed of games, a lot of people also expect the release of new and improved versions of the games they have loved for years. This year, 2013, there is a long list of new MMOs that are expected to be available for download and enjoyment. Some examples include the following:



ArcheAge is one of the most awaited sandbox games developed by Jake Song and his company XL Games. Among the noted new elements of ArcheAge is the elimination of too much restriction when it comes to character roaming. Players are provided with the ability to roam majority of the maps according to his or her desires. When building a character, the player could choose up to 3 abilities out of the 10 available.

What really excites gaming enthusiasts is the multitude of activities your character can do in the game. Your character can acquire a property, build its house, acquire other assets like castles, animals which can both serve as pets and battle companions, the massive siege war, and some unusual activities for an MMORPG like underwater treasure hunting and hang gliding. The game has already been released in Korea last January 15, 2013 but is only expected to be available worldwide on the latter part of 2013 or early 2014.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is the new release or version of the existing franchise Elder Scrolls developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. All the Elder Scrolls releases are single-player games. And because of its popularity, ZeniMax is venturing to transform it into an MMORPG. Based on early press releases, this new version will have its own story and setting, collection of quests, improved combat scenes, and greatly improved graphics. It’s been close to 6 years in the making and is expecting to entertain gaming enthusiast by the second half of 2013.



An upcoming MMORPG that will certainly provide a new twist in the industry is the game developed by Carbine Studios, is WildStar. The most notable feature of this game is that colorful and “cartoony” graphics. The game sets in Nexus, a fictional planet located on the edge of space. The character path that a player can choose is a little different from the usual class and race systems offered by existing MMOs. You can choose either being an Explorer, Scientist, Soldier, or Settler of Nexus. There are unique collections of quests and challenges, and that the game is said to be more player responsive.


Bless MMO

Another game expected to be released this 2013 is Bless. Gaming experts note the similarities of this new game with Guild Wars 2. It is a story-driven MMORPG which is dependent on the player’s choice of character from among the 10 available. The story sets in a seemingly medieval environment where a conflict between two nations, Hieron and Union exists. With this game, the player can expect fierce battles, epic raids, castle sieges, realm versus realm missions, and other types of combat which could happen on the land, air, or water. The graphics is also expected to be one of the bests.

  • It is absolutely insane some of the graphics these games have. I wonder how much one of these games costs to make from start to finish.

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