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New Items Up for Grabs in Guild Wars 2 Gem Store

A few new items have made their way into the gem store for Guild Wars 2 players to pick up. There are just a few new additions but they are still welcomed. Players have been asking for more interesting items to become available for purchase in the store for quite some time. The basics such as boosters, minis, and Black Lion keys have become a bit dull. There aren’t many outfits or weapon skins available, either.

A few days ago these items were added to the gem store:

  • Communal Boost Bonfire (300 gems for 1 or 1200 gems for 5)
  • Name Change Contract (800 gems each)
  • 16 New Weapon Skins for Fused Weapons (obtained through Black Lion chests)

About the Items

Guild Wars 2 Communal Boost Bonfire

Communal Boost Bonfire

The Communal Boost Bonfire is a rather interesting item. It is a consumable that, once used, can be assigned to be a buff for experience, magic find, or karma. Each player that “stokes the fire” in the nearby area beefs up the boost. The Bonfire is effective for all nearby allies.

Guild Wars 2 Name Change Contract

Name Change Contract

The Name Change Contract is one of the most useful items added. Many players made display names in the very beginning of the game for their characters that they either regret or are bored of now. This new item allows players to change their character’s name rather easily. Simply purchase it for 800 gems, consume it, and change the name. It’s as simple as that. The item description also suggests that if you decide you want the original name for another character, you can safely grab it back as long as you do so within 24 hours.

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