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New Defiance Weapons Revealed in Latest Video

Weapons in the upcoming shooter MMO, Defiance, are unique and high in variety. The latest promotional video released by developed Trion gives players a glimpse at a few more weapons they’ll be able to get their hands on come April 2nd. According to the development team there are many different weapon types and 1000s of upgrades available for them making the guns very customizable.

NOTE: The images associated with each weapon-type may be another variation of the gun being described.


Defiance Infector (different style)

The Infector has a paintball-gun-like appearance and seems to fire bubbles that explode to kill one enemy then burst into parasites that infect the next closest opponent and kill quickly. From the video footage of this gun in action it seems like it shoots out something that is very similar to certain species of the Flood found in the popular Halo game series.

Bio Magnetic Gun

Bio Magnetic Gun

The next new weapon featured in the video is the Bio Magnetic Gun. It fires electrical fields which siphon off enemy energy that can then be used to boost your character’s EGO powers.

Rocket Launcher

Defiance Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a pretty standard tool of destruction in most shooter-based games. This one, however, has a little twist as shown in the video preview. It is a spread-type launcher. This, as displayed in the demo, allows the player to fire a rocket upward that explodes into a deadly scattershot that falls to the ground, inflicting heavy damage on nearby enemies.


Based on the footage provided in Trion’s video it would appear that the Detonator is a grenade launcher of some sort. The one in the footage seems to fire out pools of tar that bind the enemy players for a few moments (enough time for a deadly sniper shot to take them out, or other means). We were unable to find an image of this gun or one similar to it.

Defiance launches on April 2nd. The accompanying TV show will start airing April 15th on SyFy. This game will be available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

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