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New Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Weekend Starts Today

It’s that time again… double XP! Well, sort of. Treyarch announced that in celebration of the new Revolution DLC hitting both the PS3 and PC that beginning on March 1st a new double weapon XP weekend will hit Black Ops 2 for all platforms. After a month long wait since the DLC’s release on the Xbox 360, gamers on PC and Playstation 3 finally have something to look forward to.

Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Weekend

The Revolution DLC came with the first ever weapon addition – the Peacekeeper – making this extra dose of XP an undoubtedly appreciated bonus. This weekend players will be able to rank up their new Peacekeeper, earn all of its attachments, and prestige it quickly thanks to the 2x experience.

The Peacekeeper is a very formidable weapon and a fan favorite of Xbox 360 players that got access to the DLC. It’s classified as an assault rifle in the game but it certainly works well as an SMG, too. It is the games’ first “hybrid” weapon that is effective both at close range and mid-to-long distance combat.

We’ll put up an article later revealing some of the best attachments and loadout options to use for the Peacekeeper to allow PS3 and PC players to get an advantage. But, for now, be sure to check out our BO2 multiplayer tips and our guide on how to level up fast in Black Ops 2!

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