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Neverwinter Leveling Guide: How to Reach 60 Fast

Neverwinter is a relatively new, F2P (free to play) MMORPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons series. It was developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World. The game has been in open beta since April 30th and the official release date is set for June 30th (tomorrow). But if you’re playing, you probably already know that. You’re more interested in learning how to level your character to 60, right? Below you’ll find our Neverwinter leveling guide that provides some awesome tips for fast leveling.

Neverwinter Leveling Guide
Beginning Stages

Throughout the first 10 levels or so you’ll basically be relying on completing the game tutorial and various quests to gain experience and level up your player. The tutorial alone will put you up to about level 4 and takes very little time to do. Once you’ve finished it you’ll be sent to Protector’s Enclave.

The main story quests are easy to find and figure out because you basically just have to follow the sparkling trails (kinda similar to the mechanics of the quest-assists found within the Fable games).

Protector’s Enclave is basically the main hub of Neverwinter. Here you’ll find several different merchants, taverns, administration areas (such as the Hall of Justice) and so on. In order to continue the storyline and keep earning XP to level up you’ll want to find and speak with the NPC known as Sergeant Knox.

PRO TIP #1 – Any copper / silver / gold that you earn during the beginning of the game should be used to purchase as many potions as possible. These are absolutely essential for survival in some quests, are fairly inexpensive (at most merchants), and have a short cooldown time making them very handy throughout PvE. Potions also drop as loot from enemies you kill quite often.

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Knox is who you’ll report to for nearly all main story quests. As you complete quests and level up he is the one that will send you off on adventures to new areas and you’ll also have to report back to him for new missions.

The first set of quests will be what takes you up to level 15 or 16. You’ll do a few within Protector’s Enclave and move on to other new areas that Knox assigns you to including the Blacklake District and Tower District. If you really want to level up fast you’ll want to pass up on the PvP and profession related quests that Sergeant Knox offers you during these stages. They just aren’t as rewarding and will slow you down a bit.

PRO TIP #2 – Once you reach level 16 you’ll be given a new quest that leads you to the Grand Emporium to talk to the NPC called Bael An Ashrock – DO IT! He gives you a free companion. There are 4 you can choose from: Cleric Disciple (best used as a healer), Man At Arms (best used as a tank), Wayward Wizard (good for crowd control and AoE attacks), and Dog (a well rounded class companion). You can also purchase other companions from a merchant in the Emporium for gold.

Daily Quests

As you level your player in Neverwinter you’ll start noticing that daily quests will start appearing more often. They usually don’t start coming up until you reach level 8 but then you’ll start opening up new ones for Foundry, Skirmishes, PvP, and Dungeons. These reward you with a decent amount of experience so if you want to reach level 60 fast you should complete as many as possible. Some days you’ll get just a couple while others you’ll get a whole stack of them.


Skirmishes are basically quests that are designed for a group of 5 players. They are kind of similar to doing dungeon runs but usually take a lot less time. Unlike dungeons, though, you don’t typically progress into different areas. Instead you stay in a pretty general location and just kill off tons of mobs that came at your group. Skirmishes are repeatable but only until you reach the max level for each specific one. Once your player is above the level cap you won’t be able to access it anymore. The first one you’ll find is Blacklake Terror in the Blacklake District which opens up once you reach level 8.

Skirmishes reward you with quite a bit of XP so they are a great way to level up fast in Neverwinter but it does require that you either have a group of friends that play with you or get together with other players looking for groups in the game chat.

Dungeon Delves

As with pretty much any other MMO out there, this game also has dungeons. Each run is known as a Dungeon Delve. These also require a group of 5 players, are much longer, pit you against some pretty tough bosses, but give out a ton of experience for leveling along with chests that have a chance to drop some pretty nice gear. There are 2 types of delves: Normal and Epic (epic basically being the legendary/nightmare/whatever-you-wanna-call-it mode). The first Dungeon Delve you’ll have access to is The Cloak Tower in the Tower District once you reach level 14.

That’s about it for the meat of our Neverwinter leveling guide. Basically keep on completing the story quests, pick up a companion, take out any mobs you see, finish daily quests, participate in skrimishes & dungeons and you’ll level up quick. It really doesn’t take a long time to level in this game so get to it!

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