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Kinect HD: Is it Xbox One’s Best Idea?

Microsoft’s highly awaited successor to widely popular Xbox 360 was announced just a couple of months ago. While it received a lot of flak because of the unusual restrictions placed by Microsoft upon sharing of games and the requirement of an internet connection to play games, the console itself was well accepted. Rather than being just a game console, Xbox One has been said to be a complete entertainment device.

Kinect 2

While all these new features were expected, the real game changer is the Kinect HD (also called the Kinect 2) which has also been released with the Xbox One. Kinect HD is an updated version of the old Kinect, which not only captures body movements but also facial expressions, fingers and gestures. A lot of game creator agrees that this is the future of gaming, where human experiences are given more importance. The Kinect HD will enable players to interact with the device in a more natural and intuitive manner.

Kinect 2 can easily be said to be Xbox One’s best idea. It gives game creators immense leeway and flexibility in designing new and innovative games, the likes of which have never been seen. Kinect HD will enable programmers to create a vastly enhanced multiplayer experience, where the game will be able to detect and adapt according to the facial expression of players. This will surely add a human touch to multiplayer games, providing an unprecedented experience. Games like poker will be fun to play on the console, because the game will be able to capture subtle facial expressions and nervous finger twitching movements.

It is clear that it will be some time before developers come out with games that use the full capability of the Kinect HD, but Microsoft has done a commendable job of providing the technology to the developers. Until now, game developers felt limited by the existing game technology. The way of proving input was restricted to the game pad, and while Sony and Nintendo have provided motion controllers in the past, nothing comes close to the accuracy and ease of use of Microsoft’s Kinect 2.

Although Microsoft’s decision to make Kinect a mandatory part of the system has increased the overall price of the console, in the long run it should turn out to be a good decision. This will require the developers to treat it as an integral part of the system and push them to integrate it into their game experience. The presence of a device such as Kinect will only enhance the game experience.

One of the best innovations was the combined use of the gamepad and Kinect inside a first person shooter game, for example, raising the gamepad to chest level to duck behind a shield or to tap the head to turn on night vision goggles. These features, though small, can greatly improve the user experience in any game. Hopefully, future games will take full advantage of the Kinect controller and the gamepad to develop a rich gaming experience. Quite a few games that used Kinect were displayed during the E3 and received very good reception.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Kinect is Xbox One’s best feature. Kinect HD is what truly differentiates Xbox One from other competing consoles such as PlayStation 4. Though the full potential of Kinect HD is yet to be seen, it has opened up endless new opportunities for innovation in gaming. The next few months will show us how exactly will major game developers use the new Kinect HD to make their games more human friendly and intuitive.

Author Bio: William Taylor is passionate to play latest and craziest games. He is always updated with the latest and gaming consoles introduced in the market. His favorite gaming site to play online is Sonic Games 365.

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