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How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 2

Reaching 10th prestige in Black Ops 2 is no laughing matter. It takes a dedicated player to reach it. For every prestige there are 55 levels to get through. That means, in total, there are 550 levels players must get past before finally reaching 10th prestige, otherwise known as Prestige Master. Overall, each prestige requires the player to earn nearly 1,300,000 experience points which means in order to get the highest prestige you’ll have to blast your way through almost 13 million XP.

Below we’ve outline a few different things that can help you rack up more experience points and prestige faster. These tips are for players that want to get to the highest level fast. Check them out:

Black Ops 2 How to Level Up Fast

1. Use a Variety of Weapons

Every gun in BO2 has its own set of challenges. These mostly consist of things like getting kills with the weapon, getting headshots, and getting kills without using perks or attachments. These weapon challenges are an easy and effective way to rack up serious amounts of XP. But you can’t make full use of them unless you change up the guns you use every now and then. Once you’ve completed the challenges for a gun, move on to another and complete them for it, and keep going through all the weapons.

Once you’ve completed a challenge you’ll receive a new camo for the gun along with experience points. Here’s how much XP you get for unlocking each of the camos:

  • DEVGRU – 250 xp
  • A-TACS AU – 500 xp
  • ERDL – 750 xp
  • Siberia – 1000 xp
  • Choco – 1500 xp
  • Blue Tiger – 2000 xp
  • Bloodshot – 2500 xp
  • Ghostex – 3500 xp
  • Kryptek – 5000 xp
  • Carbon Fiber – 2500 xp
  • Cherry Blossom – 2500 xp
  • Art of War – 2500 xp
  • Ronin – 2500 xp
  • Skulls – 2500 xp
  • Gold – 5000 xp

That comes out to be a massive 33,600 XP. And remember, that’s the amount you get for each weapon. So if you complete all of the challenges for all of the weapons, that adds up fast, and will blast you through multiple levels pretty quickly.

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2. Play Objective-Based Gametypes

Most people tend to play Team Deathmatch exclusively in online multiplayer. While it is a standard gametype that nearly everyone enjoys, it’s not always the best choice if you want to rank up fast. To earn some serious experience, try out some of the objective-type games. Two of the best are Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed.

In Hardpoint you can earn points by getting regular kills but the real blast of points comes when you kill enemies that have broken the hardpoint. Kill enemy players while they’re in the Hardpoint and you’ll earn a ton of points, earn your scorestreaks faster, and earn XP at the same time.

Kill Confirmed is fun to play, too. Not only do you get points for getting kills but you earn extra points for picking up dog tags that dead enemies have left behind or by picking up yours or your teammates’ dog tags to deny the enemy the kill. You can even rack up more kills by killing an enemy, leaving his tags out in the open as bait, and then killing the next player that tries to deny your kill before they can.

3. Work on Getting Scorestreak Challenges

Just like weapons, scorestreaks have their own set of challenges to complete. The main thing is just to earn them. The easiest ones to get are the UAV, RC-XD, and Hunter Killer drones simply because they take just a little bit of score to call in. But earning the bigger scorestreaks will earn you even more experience by netting more kills for you and contributing to earning their challenges. These usually earn you an additional 1000 to 5000 xp depending on what tier you’re on (most have 5 tiers).

4. Be a Team Player

Believe it or not, getting kills isn’t necessarily the best way to earn fast XP in Black Ops 2. Because of the new score system it’s now possible to earn tons of points, XP, and scorestreaks, by playing a support role. This can involve doing a multitude of things like taking out UAVs, destroying enemy equipment, calling in your own UAV or Counter-UAV, and earning assists, just to name a few. Technically you can go a whole game without ever getting a kill and still earn plenty of experience just by supporting your teammates doing the things mentioned above.

Just having a simple UAV up allows you to earn 10 points for every kill your fellow teammates get. Pop a UAV and a Counter-UAV up at the same time and you’ll earn 20 points per teammate kill. Destroying enemy scorestreaks can net you an easy 25-125 points depending on what it is. This is a great way to earn scorestreaks and support your team in battle.

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