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Halo 4 Terminal Locations Guide: Unlock the Terminus Achievement

Terminals are a collectible found in Halo 4. They are basically small computer nodes that are hidden throughout the campaign missions. Finding all 7 will give you the Terminus achievement and, if you’re signed up on Halo Waypoint, access to a few videos. If you opt to watch the videos you will be taken out of the campaign game and to the Halo Waypoint app to watch them. Below we’ve made a guide to finding all of the terminal locations.

Halo 4 Terminal Locations

Terminal 1 (War)

The first terminal you’ll encounter is in the 2nd mission of the campaign, Requiem. It is closes to the Bravo rally point. Once you’ve killed off the Hunters you’ll walk into a building. Go all the way down the large hall. Ahead you’ll see a ramp that takes you to an elevator. Don’t go up the ramp just yet. Instead, make your way to the underside of the ramp. The terminal is on a column and should have a light glow around it.

Terminal 2 (Lord of Admirals)

The 2nd terminal is found within the 3rd mission, Forerunner. It is closest to the Alpha rally point. Once you’ve made your way through a few hordes of enemies you’ll soon find that your helmet is being disrupted by something. At this point Cortana will start talking to you to discuss why the disruptions are happening. Right after this you’ll make your way up a ramp. Directly ahead of you you’ll see a large Forerunner structure. Look around the bottom of this structure and you should see the terminal in easy view.

Terminal 3 (Charum Hakkor)

The 3rd terminal is located in the 4th campaign mission, Infinity. It can be found by using the Bravo rally point. After you’ve found the Marines that were aboard the Infinity went down you’ll get a cutscene. After the cutscene, instead of going straight ahead, turn completely around. Right behind you you’ll find the terminal.

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Terminal 4 (Flood)

The 4th terminal can be found while playing the 5th mission of the Halo 4 campaign, Reclaimer. Load up rally point Bravo to get started. Once you’ve spoken to the Librarian and have Cortana with you again you’ll eventually get to a point where you have to fight off a ton of Crawlers and Knights. Once you’ve killed them all off head to the very end of the room and go through the door. A little ways down you should see a hall that goes both left and right. Turn right and you’ll see the terminal propped against the wall. You must locate and use the terminal before going to use the elevator or this won’t count for you.

Terminal 5 (Knights)

The 5th terminal is found in the 6th mission, Shutdown. To start off, select the Delta rally point. During this mission you’ll fly a Pelican around to different towers. Once you reach the 3rd tower, head inside and take the elevator up. A little ways through this area you’ll come to a 3 way fork in the bridge. Take the far left path. At the very end of this path you’ll find the terminal.

Terminal 6 (Justice)

The 6th terminal in the campaign can be found in the mission, Composer. Use rally point Bravo to start from. At one point in the mission you’ll be guided to head up a ramp to the next waypoint where a Mantis is. Instead of going up the ramp look to the right of the ramp. You should notice a small tunnel in the rocks. Head inside the tunnel. About halfway through the tunnel you’ll see the terminal glowing in the middle of the path.

Terminal 7 (Cryptum)

The 7th and final terminal can be found in the campaign mission, Midnight. Load up rally point Bravo to get to it. This mission requires fighting your way through several waves of different Prometheans. Once you get to the 4th room go all the way around the room until you’re on the backside of the large pillar in the room. You’ll find the terminal there.

Once you’ve found and used all 7 terminals you’ll get the notification saying that you unlocked the Terminus achievement. To get every ounce of gamerscore you can from H4 be sure to check out our Halo 4 achievements guide.

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