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Halo 4 Rewarding Dedicated Players with MS Points

Halo 4 just released on November 6th and already Microsoft is making an initiative to make sure players become dedicated fans of the game right off the bat. Through the Xbox Live Rewards program MS is giving H4 players the chance to earn a respectable number of Microsoft Points based on their gameplay time for the month of November. There are multiple levels that each earn a set amount of points, up to 600. Then there is a chance to earn a bonus 200 MS points, too. The image below depicts the game-time levels or you can check the official rewards information from Microsoft.

Halo 4 Microsoft Points Rewards

A minimum of 35 hours of gameplay is required to earn anything at all. And at that level you will only receive 100 Microsoft Points. But, hey, it’s free points for playing the game as you normally would anyway. Play 70 to 139 hours and you’ll get a moderate 300 MSP and if you play 140 hours or more of Halo 4 during November you’ll get a whopping 600 points.

An additional 200 Microsoft Points can be earned by purchasing Halo related content on the Xbox Live Marketplace. In order to receive the extra 200 points you’ll need to spend a minimum of 3,000 MSP. For those of you who don’t know that equates to about $40 you have to spend on Halo branded merchandise such as avatar props, game content and other downloadable goods.

Unfortunately, to reach the goal of 140+ hours by the end of the month you would have to start playing H4 for about 6 1/2 hours per day every day starting today (Nov. 8th) all the way through the 30th. For most people that’s just too much game time. A lot of players have school or work making this a near-impossible challenge. But, we’re sure many will succeed in reaching this goal.

The only setback of this reward system (other than the fact that you have to play an insane amount of time to earn a decent number of points) is that it is limited to an overall total of 10,000,000 Microsoft Points. These points are being distributed to those that complete the requirements first. So, if you want a shot at earning the big rewards, you’ll need to start racking up on Halo 4 game time starting NOW.

Happy gaming!

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