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Halo 4 New DLC: Majestic Map Pack Releasing 2/25

343 Industries has definitely not been shy with updates when it comes to Halo 4. Between adding new playlists nearly every week and pumping out Spartan Ops episodes like a boss, it’s hard to believe 343 has time to make new content. The next DLC set, the Majestic Map Pack, is already about to be upon us, though. The official release date was announced as being February 25th, just a little over a week away.

Halo 4 Incoming DLC

The Majestic DLC will add 3 new multiplayer maps: Landfall, Monolith and Skyline. Along with maps there will be a new gametype called “Infinity Rumble” and new playlists designed specifically for the DLC named Majestic FFA and Majestic Team. All of this content will be available for Xbox 360 players to download via Xbox Live for just 800 Microsoft points.

343’s official trailer for the map pack reveals that the 3 new maps are all small to medium size maps. This will make for fast, intense combat that is great for small team battles and FFA gametypes. Skyline is the smallest and most compact map of the three. It’s on a building that’s in the middle of construction and sits where you can get a beautiful view of the futuristic city skyline out in the distance. This map is perfect for FFA, fast matches of CTF and even doubles matches.

Monolith is a symmetrical map with 4 bases and is in somewhat of a square shape with a base in each corner and a center arena. This map looks like it’ll be a great addition to the game and adequate for nearly any 4v4 gametype. It could also play fairly well in FFA gametypes.

Landfall is a medium size map with tons of random cargo crates and other obstacles for players to take cover behind. To us, based on the little previews we see in the trailer, this map looks pretty similar to Longshore from Halo 3.

Overall, these are 3 really cool looking maps that appear to be both functional for all gametypes and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For just 800 Microsoft Points this DLC is pretty appealing both for the content and the affordable price.

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