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Halo 4 Getting Team Action Sack Playlist Tomorrow

343 continues its update hot-streak tomorrow, adding a “new” matchmaking playlist to Halo 4 – Team Action Sack. This list has been featured in other Halo titles in the past but the H4 remake will be slightly different. The first round of gametypes included in the playlist are Binary Slayer, Rockets & Rails, Lightning CTF, and Team Fiesta. This update will be available for players sometime Monday.

Halo 4 Team Action Sack

Binary Slayer

This is one of the more unique and interesting looking gametypes that has spawned from H4 so far. Binary Slayer is a swat-style thriller that features only the Binary Rifle and Energy Sword as weapons. The only armor ability allowed is Thruster. There are no ordnances, either. Although this gametype is under the swat category it is played with normal shields on. What makes it incredibly fun is the player speed is set to 1.5x normal, gravity is lowered a ton, and players have infinite armor ability use. This means you can boost around to dodge shots and to make quick, aggressive pushes toward enemy players with the sword.

Rockets & Rails

This game is somewhat similar to the Splasers gametype found in Halo 3. In this variant players are equipped with a Railgun, a Rocket Launcher, and the Jet Pack for the armor ability slot. Teams will fight to get the most kills while floating around getting blasted out of the air in intense, explosive aerial battles.

Lightning CTF

As one would assume, this is a capture the flag gametype. In this variant players are given just one weapon – the LightRifle. It’s a swat gametype so this gun is capable of one-shot kills everytime. The flag carrier is capable of using his weapon while running the flag to his/her base, too. There is no motion sensor on and it is a one-touch flag return. This makes for intense, fast gameplay.

Team Fiesta

Team Fiesta is a classic Halo playlist where everytime you die and respawn you are equipped with a random set of weapons. You can be spawned with anything from a simple magnum to a powerful rocket launcher and beyond. The team with the most kills or that reaches the score limit first, wins.

Action Sack was an insanely entertaining playlist in Halo 3 so we’re glad to see this one making its way back into the game. It’s sure to bring on hours of fun for everyone. Be sure to check it out once the update hits Halo 4 tomorrow!

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Are you excited for this new matchmaking playlist? Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment below!

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