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Halo 4 Getting New Forge Map & Skill Based Ranks

Ever since the launch of the Halo 4, many players have been complaining about certain aspects of the game. Their concerns have primarily been about the lack of functionality and space in Forge-mode and about the current ranking system being too boring. And those concerns certainly have truth to back them up. Compared to previous titles such as Halo Reach, the Forge-mode abilities and options have been stripped down quite a bit. And the current ranking system only requires that gamers play the game often to reach high ranks.

Halo 4 Skill Based Ranking and Forge Map

Now those same gamers have something to look forward to. 343 Industries, the developer behind H4, has announced that they will be adding a new, huge map for Forge editors to play around with and also a new, skill-based ranking system to satisfy the more competitive, hardcore Halo players.

These additions will be more than welcomed. A true, skill-defining rank system hasn’t really been present in any of 343’s Halo titles. Reach has The Arena which consists of gametypes more commonly associated with Major League Gaming (MLG) play styles rather than just casual gaming. But this mode often lacks in player participation. Hopefully the new ranking system for Halo 4 will be just that, a ranking system, not a whole new playlist. While that is still better than nothing, we’d like to see the system incorporated into the overall matchmaking experience, not just one segment of it.

Also, don’t forget that the new Castle Map Pack will be releasing on April 8th. The map pack DLC will cost players 800 Microsoft Points (or nothing if they’ve purchased the season pass) but the new Forge map and rank system will be a free update to the game. The Castle Map Pack will include 3 new multiplayer maps, a new playlist specifically for this DLC, and a total of 9 more Achievements for players to rack up even more Gamerscore with.

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