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Halo 4 Gets New Free Forge Map DLC

There have been tons of complaints about Halo 4 lacking the robust custom map building that the series has become known for all throughout the gaming world since it’s release. Players argue that Halo Reach’s Forge maps and system provided a much better experience overall. To try and ease the pain a bit, 343 Industries has now released a brand new Forge map DLC that is completely free for all H4 players.

Halo 4 Forge Island

The map is blandly named Forge Island. It should really be named Forge Islands, though, as it consists of 3 individual “islands” rather than just one. By itself, the map is pretty empty and boring. It’s literally just three rocks out in the middle of the ocean. One is big, one is medium-sized, and the last is rather small. They don’t offer up much for looks but they do provide players with a completely clean slate of flat land to build on.

Forge Island is a small, 154MB download and be obtained from the Xbox Marketplace for free.

Here’s a quick video tour of the new map for all of you creative Forgers out there:

Honestly, this seems like a really lame attempt to please people. Yes, it is a blank canvas for players to craft on, but it’s so dull looking. It literally looks like 343 spent all of 30 minutes putting this together. It’s not visually appealing at all. Hopefully some gamers can do wonders on it with their map creations, though. And, hey, at least it’s free!

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