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Halo 4 Armor Abilities & Tactical Packages Revealed

Halo 4 is due for release in just two days on November 6th. Between official pre-launch details coming out from the 343 Industries team and the information released by players who gained illegal, early access to the game, there has been a ton of info leaked for the highly anticipated title in the Halo series. Among these details are the entire collection of armor abilities and tactical packages that will be available for players.

How to Obtain Abilities and Tactical Packages

In order to gain access to armor abilities and mods aside from the starter set you’ll need to level your player and earn what are called Spartan Points (essentially another form of credits from Halo Reach). Once you are appropriately leveled and have enough Spartan Points you can purchase new armor abilities and mods for your loadouts.

Spartan Points can be earned in a variety of ways. The main method is, of course, getting kills in-game. But there are several other ways, too. These include completing entire matches, earning medals and more. The points can also be used to buy upgraded weapons. According to most sources players will only start Halo 4 with an assault rifle and a pistol. Other weapons will need to be purchased using the Spartan Points they earn while playing games.

Available Armor Abilities in H4

Thruster Pack – Gives players a quick boost in movement speed allowing them to traverse maps at a much faster pace.

Halo 4 Thruster Pack

Hardlight Shield – Forms a light based shield in front of the player that will deflect gun fire and explosives. This has certain similarities with the Armor Lock ability in Halo Reach but is not as overpowered and still allows enemies to inflict damage from behind the player using the shield.

Halo 4 Hardlight Shield

Promethean Vision – Allows players to view enemies and objects through solid surfaces and walls. Has limited range.

Halo 4 Promethean Vision

Hologram – This is a returning favorite from Halo Reach but with improvements. In Reach players could easily distinguish between holos and real players by checking to see if their crosshairs turned red over it or not. In Halo 4 this has been fixed. Holograms are now much more realistic looking and also give enemies a red crosshair on target.

Halo 4 Hologram

Auto Sentry – Players will be able to place an automatic turret down that can inflict damage to other players. This turret has it’s own set amount of health, though. Once the turret’s health is completely depleted the turret will be destroyed.

Jet Pack – Works very similarly to how it operated in Halo Reach. 343 Industries has stated that they have placed areas in certain maps designed to only be accessible using the Jet Pack.

Halo 4 Jetpack

Active Camo – Operates much the same way that it did in Halo Reach, providing players with a temporary time of being invisible.

Regeneration Field – Works much in the same way that the regeneration drop worked in Halo 3. Provides faster shield recharge rates for the player and teammates.

Available Tactical & Support Packages in H4

Firepower – This works pretty closely to how Overkill in Call of Duty games works. The player is allowed to use two primary weapons rather than a primary and a pistol as a secondary. This proves useful when you run out of ammo in your primary gun and need something a bit more powerful to use than a pistol right away.

Shields – This package gives the player faster shield regeneration. The exact % has not been released but from videos seen it does seem to be a bit significant.

AA Efficiency – This package allows the player to recharge armor abilities faster. This is very useful if you have an ability that can help you escape heavy fire fast.

Grenadier – Allows the player to spawn with one more grenade than normal.

Resupply – Essentially the same thing as the Scavenger perk from CoD games, allows the player to run over dead enemies to replenish ammo for guns and grenades.

Awareness – Gives the player the ability to see their radar even while hard-scoping (having the scope of the gun raised for a longer field of vision).

Ammo – Allows players to spawn with a bit more ammo in their guns than normal.

Sensor – Gives the player a slightly extended range on their motion detecting radar.

Mobility – This one gives the player an infinite amount of sprint allowing them to run for unprecedented distances in any Halo game.


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