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GW2 Guilds: How to Recruit Better Using Free Promos

Guilds have been available in nearly every MMO game known to man. But, ever since the addition of guild missions to GW2, guilds have become an integral part of the Guild Wars 2 system. Through a guild you can not only gain access to tons of other gamers who want to play with you but you can also work together as a group to earn guild rewards. But in order to access the missions you’ll need a large, active group of players.

Guild Wars 2 Guild Recruiting

How to Recruit for Your Guild

Most players resort to only one method of guild promotion – spamming a recruiting message on the chat box multiple times a day. This can be effective but can also deter some players from joining. While you shouldn’t rule this method out, there are plenty of other ways to recruit new members into your guild to build up influence points and complete guild missions.

1. Forum Posting

There are countless general gaming and game-specific forums out there that you can join. Most have sections dedicated to the largest games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and, of course, Guild Wars 2. By becoming an active member of these forums you can (from time to time) create a new topic stating that your guild is recruiting. This is an easy and simple way to get qualified recruits. A few examples of forums you can promote on:

All you have to do is register an account, start posting in topics (don’t spam, though, you’ll be banned quickly if you do), and after you’ve accrued some time and posts, create a topic promoting your guild.

2. Contributing Posts to Blogs

Some blogs, such as the one you’re on right now (Gamocial.com), accept posts from outside writers. You can contribute articles on topics such as your best gold farming tips or your favorite build and, at the end of the post, mention your guild and link to it. If you contribute decent content your article will more than likely be accepted. This gets your guild’s name and website in front of a lot of potential recruits.

Websites like Gamocial and GW2Guidez receive thousands of unique visitors per day. Having a simple blog post linking to your guild can be an invaluable way to get traffic and new players to join your GW2 guild.

NOTE: If you’re interested in submitting a post on our website, simply email me at bradleyjones@gamocial.com. I’ll review any guest submissions that wish to have a link to their guild. Please only submit UNIQUE content written by yourself. Copied content is not accepted.

3. Guild Directories

Certain websites build databases of every guild possible for a game. This makes it easy to sort through guilds to find ones that speak your language, play on the same server as you, and have the same general playing style. Submitting your guild to these websites can build up your traffic and send potential new recruits your way. Examples:

Simply add your guild and wait for the players to come!

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