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Guild Wars 2 Introduces New PvP Map & Guild Missions

Guild Wars 2 may be a free-to-play game but that definitely doesn’t stop the development team, ArenaNet, from adding new content to it regularly. Ever since its launch late last year the game has been updated with holiday-themed content, new features, one-time events, new rewards, and much more. Last night Anet released another update for GW2. This one containing a new PvP map, a new feature called guild missions, new character-styling items in the gem store, and other minor changes.

Spirit Watch – New PvP Map

Spirit Watch is a beautiful, norn-themed arena for players to compete in. The primary objective is to capture points but, in order to earn bonus points for your team, you’ll want to get your hands on the Orb of Ascension. The team receives bonus points when a teammate secures the Orb and takes it to one of the shrine capture points. Upon doing so the animal at the shrine will “ascend” and the team will be awarded with either 30 or 15 points. 30 points are awarded if your team already owns the capture point.

Here’s a video preview of the map:

Guild Missions

Guild Wars 2 Guild Missions

After last night’s patch players will now see a new category in their guild to unlock guild missions. These cost a hefty amount of influence points and require unlocking other guild categories first but offer a new way to interact with your guild-mates. Guild missions can consist of nearly anything from securing a bounty to completing a jumping puzzle with your fellow guildies. Once a mission is completed the entire guild is rewarded with a new currency known as Guild Merits which can be used to purchase rewards.

These new additions to Guild Wars 2 come as part of the Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm content.

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