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Guild Wars 2 Emotes List: Express Yourself in GW2

If you think that your Guild Wars 2 character could only communicate via the chat box or window, you might not know about the character’s capability of expressing itself. Guild Wars 2 possesses a special feature that allows you to show more emotion called emotes. Emotes are actions or expressions natural for humans and are now integrated as animation to your Guild Wars character. For example, you can make your character smile, nod, wave, or even dance.

Guild Wars 2 Emotes

Guild Wars 2 Emotes

Among the available emotes or animations you can use with your character include the following:

/beckon – Your character beckons or summons freely or to another character or player.
/bow – Your character makes a bow.
/cheer – Your character cheers.
/cower – Your character cowers or crouches because of fear.
/cry – Your character will seemingly cry.
/dance – Your character will perform a pre-programmed dance move or steps.
/kneel – Your character will kneel.
/laugh – Your character will laugh.
/no – Your character will make an expression to disagree.
/point – Your character will point freely, to someone else, or to something.
/ponder – Your character will seemingly think.
/salute – Your character salutes.
/shrug – Your character will shrug its shoulders.
/sit – Your character will sit on place.
/sleep – Your character lies down and seemingly sleeps.
/surprised – You character will act surprised.
/threaten – Your character threatens.
/wave – Your character will wave his hand.
/yes – Yes character nods to agree

All these emote or animations can be triggered by keying a command on the chat window. The command is usually comprised of a slash and the keyword. These expressions are usually done freely or on your character’s existing position. And if you want to direct the emote or expression to someone else, the syntax will require you to type in the special character “@”.

For example; if you want to salute a certain player, the basic command “/salute” you key in your chat window should be appended with “@” making the full syntax to “/salute @” while pointing or targeting that other character. This appended action also displays on the chat log.

How to Synchronize Emotes in GW2

Two or more players could also perform the same emote and have a synchronized animation by appending an asterisk “*” on the command syntax. The game usually processes these commands every 5 second, therefore, your character might not immediately respond to your command. All the characters with the same command accumulated within that 5 second duration will simultaneously perform the emote. For example, all characters who were commanded with “/bow *” within a certain 5-second duration will bow simultaneously.

Most of the listed emotes above are temporary actions. But there are also those designed to continuously loop or persist. For example; the sit, sleep, dance, or cry actions are persistent until the player clicks on his mouse or tries to move his or her character.

You might be interested of making commands which are not included in the list above. But currently, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t support customized emotes. Thus, keying a command other than the keywords above will render nothing or no action.

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