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Guild Wars 2: Best Events to Run in Queensdale Map

In Guild Wars 2 players that select the human race will begin in Queensdale just outside of the Human capital city, Divinity’s Reach. This area is mainly invaded by Bandits and Centaurs. Within Queensdale there are a total of 17 heart quests, 38 dynamic events and 2 meta events. Some events have 2 to 3 parts (referred to as event chains) and each counts as a separate event to complete. You can’t repeat heart quests but all events are repeatable. Events provide your player with big doses of experience points, Karma and a bit of coin. Heart quests provide experience and a small amount of coin.

Guild Wars 2 Queensdale

Events in Queensdale

Each map, such as Queensdale, is divided into sub-sections, each one containing a heart quest or two and possibly an event. Not all sections of the map will have an event but in most cases, they do. It’s also worth noting that picking up points of interest and vistas also contribute to your XP.

Here is a list of each area of Queensdale:

  • Altar Brook Vale
  • Altar’s Windings
  • Bandithaunt Caverns
  • Beetletun Farms
  • Beggar’s Burrows
  • Clayent Falls
  • Demongrub Pits
  • Eastern Divinity Dam
  • Godslost Swamp
  • Krytan Freeholds
  • Lake Delavan
  • Orlaf Escarpments
  • Phinney Ridge
  • Pinion Trail
  • Queen’s Forest
  • Salma’s Heath
  • Scaver Plateau
  • Shaemoor Fields
  • Shaemoor Garrison
  • Shire of Beetletun
  • Taminn Foothills
  • The Heartwoods
  • Township of Claypool
  • Village of Shaemoor
  • Western Divinity Dam
  • Windloss Delves

To save you time and help you level up faster we are going to briefly walkthrough the smaller areas of the map but provide much more detail for areas that have great event chains you can run to maximize your gains in experience and karma.

Best Events to Run

Keep in mind that you don’t have to only participate in events that are at your level. If you find an event that is several levels above you but there are several people participating in it, you can kite around, getting a few hits in here and there, and still get FULL credit for the event. With that said, let’s go over some of the best events in Queensdale.

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Champion Cave Troll

One of the most popular and rewarding events for lower level players in Queensdale is the Slay the Enraged Champion Cave Troll event. It happens quite often and is a level 11 event. Because there are usually 5 to 10 players in the area anytime he comes up it’s easy for players at levels 2-11 to participate. Simply use a kiting weapon such as a staff, longbow, rifle, etc to get a few hits in here and there and keep running in a large circle around the troll until he is dead. The event happens in the Altar’s Windings area past the farm near the caves.

Champion Wasp Queen

Another regularly occurring, popular event is the Champion Wasp Queen. Same rules above apply to this one. But you may need to find a few more people to help out. Just give a shout in the map chat box saying the Wasp Queen is up and you need help and, in most cases, several players will come to your aid to help you complete the event. This event happens in the Queen’s Forest area in the wooded area near a logging facility.

Protect Ranchers from Bandits

Another simple and usually populated event to partake in is one where you are assigned the task of protecting the ranchers of Bar Curtis Ranch, located in the Altar Brook Vale area, from bandits. You simply need to kill the bandits that come onto the ranch. If the event fails you will then have to drive the bandits off the ranch. This is done by killing a ton of bandits. Eventually their morale will deplete to 0% and they will flee the ranch entirely. It’s a pretty easy event that happens rather often.

Escort the Caravan to Claypool

A final quick and easy event to run that occurs regularly is one where you will need to protect a caravan led by Mona and her Pack Bull to Claypool. On the road there you will encounter various enemies such as wolves and centaurs. Simply escort the caravan safely to Claypool to gain credit for the event.

Running the four events above on top of general stuff such as gathering and killing enemies while you travel will net you a ton of XP, Karma and coin.

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