Forza Horizon Tanking Just a Month After Release

Forza is a well known name when it comes to racing games for the Xbox 360 console. Their games have typically seen great success and have a dedicated following. But Turn 10’s latest title, Forza Horizon, isn’t looking so hot. Or at least that’s what the current sales are telling us.

Right now you can grab Forza Horizon, which just released on October 23rd, for a small $15 investment on the Microsoft Store website. This throws up a red flag that the game is already tanking and hasn’t seen much in terms of sales in the past month. Why? Well, think about it. All other big games such as the Call of Duty series or Halo series tend to hold their value long after release.

Case in point: Halo 3. This game was released in 2007, just over 5 years ago, and still sells for $19.99 brand new. Even titles that aren’t quite as big as CoD or Halo typically hold their value for 6 months to a year before dropping an astounding $45. But Forza Horizon is on sale one month after release for just $14.99 when it debuted at $59.99.

This is very unfortunate for the game and the brand itself. It’s especially surprising considering the game actually received many high rated reviews, too. Here are just a few of the review scores give to Forza Horizon:

  1. IGN – 9.0
  2. GameSpot – 8.5
  3. MetaCritic – 85%
  4. Joystiq – 4 Stars
  5. Eurogamer – 9.0

With ratings like those you would think the game would’ve done well off launch date. While there aren’t any official numbers out as of right now, the current $45 off sale is a strong indicator that the game isn’t doing too well. When Forza Horizon released it didn’t really have any games to compete with. Is it possible gamers held off on buying it because of the near-future releases of games like Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2? Or was the game not on players’ wish lists at all? Who knows.

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon is a bit different from the rest of the titles in the series, though. Instead of the typical racing event schedule the game is an open world where players are free to roam the roads. You’ll still have races to attend but you have free reign of where you can otherwise. Many of the reviews above state that this is something the Forza Motorsport franchise has needed for quite some time but maybe it came too late.

What are your thoughts on Forza Horizon? Do you like the game? Did you hold off getting it to purchase games in bigger franchises this year? Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • It’s a great game. The DLC for it is awful, and the soundtrack could have been better, but other than that it’s great.

  • R6ex

    Forza Horizaon > Forza 1, 2, 3, 4

    Open world games are a breadth of fresh air!

  • Paulo Sérgio Portugal Malheiro

    The game is out for a month ! Beats the nfs most wanted… That is multiplatform! What kind of shitty article is this?
    And cod is out also ! Looking for hits ? Poor journalism

    • Zach

      Uhm, where are you getting your numbers? Forza Horizon was released on October 23rd and today it has 0.61m sales according to VGChartz, which are just ballpark numbers, but accurate enough for this situation. NFS:MW on Xbox 360 has 0.32m in a span of three weeks, two less than Forza. On PS3, which doesn’t have Forza, it has 0.51m because a good racing game has not released in a while. Microsoft is milking Forza just like every other franchise. NFS is beating Forza in sales, and yes it’s multi-platform, so that’s why, but if you look at PS3 sales only, it will beat out Forza’s COMBINED sales by the time each one if finished selling, which is really saying something since a new Forza is being released year after year.

    • Like every other Tier 2 hobbyist gaming website, he is looking for hits. Can you blame him?

  • Guest

    $15 for a game that has $200 worth of DLC for people to pay for to get any of the good cars… that’s still a rip-off to me.

  • Steven

    Microsoft should let them take their time with Forza, like Sony lets its Polyphony Digital take its time with Gran Turismo. Compare the sales and you will see why its better for devs to take their time.

    • This isn’t forza 5 genius.

    • 2wisted


      You do know every Forza game has a 90+ metacritic right? Except Horizion, which scored an 85 (still an excellent score). Your precious GT5 scored an 84 meta. A great score, but for a game that was 5 years in the making, claiming to be the definitive simulator, it’s not convincing people when every Forza iteration this gen has outscored it, even the worst rated one.

      Plus, Forza games are made with 2 year dev times, Turn 10 are getting better games than PD in less than half the time, they also had cockpit view on every car since F3’s release, unlike GT5 which patched them in a year later.

      • Steven

        Well it must be convincing people if its the number one selling PS3 game.Review scores mean nothing if the game doesn’t sell well. You crank out a new Forza game to soon after each other and people will get tired of it.

    • I think that somewhere in between those two extremes might be better. Forza releases coming every year is too much. Gran Turismo releases coming every six years is way too long.

      Once every three years, with semi-annual DLC in between would be better.

  • Xangbar

    You know that the price is only valid from November 22nd to November 26th? Yeah… it’s called a limited time offer and it also happens to be that time around Black Friday… ITS A SALE

  • It’s black Friday week, you can get borderlands 2 50% off, as well as major discounts on Dishonored, Halo 4, BLOPS2, Xcom, etc but I guess they all tanked by your logic. I got Hitman absolution for £20 when it was released so obviously that tanked. Hell I just preordered Far Cry 3 with a 23% discount. Games not even out yet and its already a faliure.

  • Kaz Yamauchi

    What is Forza? I’m too busy training drivers for GT Academy and counting these hangars full of money.

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