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FFXIV Weaver Guide: Leveling Guide and General Weaver Craft Info

FFXIV Weaver Guide

Weavers are the craftsmen that are capable of using various fabrics and fibers to form the weakest type of armor in the game cloth. While cloth is particularly weak in comparison to armors made of more rugged materials such as leather or metals it is still used by many of the crafting & gathering classes and is also used by most magic-based classes within the Disciples of Magic category.

FFXIV ARR Weaving Guide

Weavers are capable of using a large variety of materials to create armor pieces such as cotton, wool, felt, and hemp, among many others. While it may not seem like it, Weaving plays an important role among the Disciples of the Hand crafting classes.

To take up the craft of Weaving youll need to head to Sunsilk Tapestries, the Weavers Guild which can be found in the Steps of Nald area of Uldah. As soon as you’re there head over to the guild receptionist to become a Weaver and get started.

FFXIV Weaver Leveling Guide

Just like most of the other Disciples of the Hand classes you’ll want to make sure that every 5 levels or so you change up the recipes you’re crafting to trade up to newer, higher-level ones. This way you’ll keep a steady flow of XP going toward your Weaver and you’ll be crafting better items.

FFXIV Weaver

For a full Weaver leveling guide be sure to check out this FFXIV ARR game guide it comes with a complete walkthrough of how to hit the level cap on ANY class, explains how you can get the most coveted armor & weapons in the game quickly, and loads more.

Weaver Quests

During your time as a Weaver you’ll be playing through a set of quests that’ll help you learn new item recipes, earn more experience, and level up your craft. These quests are given to you by members of the guild. As you finish each quest you’ll report back to the guild where you’ll be given XP for Weaving, crafting mats, gil, and other goods.

Here is the full list of quests that you’ll be completing:

  • Way of the Weaver (level 1)
  • My First Needle (level 1)
  • Once More Unto the Breeches (level 5)
  • Alternative Applications (level 10)
  • Practical Needs (level 15)
  • Materia Concerns (level 20)
  • That Velveteen Dress (level 25)
  • Miner on a Mission (level 30)
  • Designed by Committee (level 35)
  • A Subtle Inquiry (level 40)
  • The Intervention (level 45)
  • A Miner Reborn (level 50)

The majority of the Weaver-based quests you’ll receive will be given to you by the guildmaster of the Weavers Guild, Sunsilk Tapestries.

Weaver Skills

Weavers have access to a variety of actions that will help them create various cloth-based items faster and better. As with other Disciples of the Hand most of these skills apply directly to synthesis and are generic. But there are a few unique actions that Weavers can do, too.

Here’s the full list:

  • Basic Synthesis
  • Basic Touch
  • Master’s Mend
  • Steady Hand
  • Inner Quiet
  • Observe
  • Careful Synthesis
  • Standard Touch
  • Great Strides
  • Master’s Mend II
  • Standard Synthesis
  • Brand of Lightning
  • Advanced Touch
  • Careful Synthesis II
  • Collectable Synthesis
  • Byregot’s Brow
  • Precise Touch
  • Name of Lightning
  • Satisfaction
  • Whistle While You Work
  • Innovative Touch
  • Nymeia’s Wheel
  • Byregot’s Miracle
  • Trained Hand
  • Heart of the Weaver

Weaver Crafting Gear

If you haven’t figured it out yet, your crafting gear actually plays a pretty big role in your crafting, even with Weaving. As you make your way through the different levels of the class you’ll want to change out both your armor pieces and your crafting tools for higher level ones that give you even bigger bonuses toward your Craftmanship and Control stats.

This way you’ll be able to make more progress each time you go to craft an item and you’ll maintain a higher standard when it comes to durability and quality of the cloth items you make. Keep doing this every 5 to 10 levels and you’ll find its much easier to level up and craft more and more stuff.

NOTE: Our team is currently developing a full Weaving leveling guide and recipes list that will help players figure out the best way to level up fast and find more profitable items to craft. Well have it up soon! Thanks for reading our FFXIV Weaver guide, though.

FFXIV can be rather daunting. There are so many classes to master, different builds you can create to play with in PvP, and items to craft to make awesome gear for your character or make a bit of gil. Pick up this finely detailed FFXIV guide to learn how to master literally every aspect of the game in a week or less!

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