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FFXIV Pugilist Guide: In-Depth Class Guide for the Pugilist

FFXIV Pugilist Guide

Pugilists are a rather interesting class within the Disciples of War in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They are exclusively a DPS class focused in close-quarters, melee-based combat. Pugilists are tough as hell and rely on hand-to-hand combat (aka beating you to death with their fists) to deal tons of damage.

But they are also able to use various hand accessories to make their beatings even more brutal.

The key to being successful as a Pugilist is being quick and efficient with your attacks. Because the class is only effective in short range combat you have to make sure you can get to your enemy quickly before they have time to blast you with ranged attacks. This is why lighter armor is a must for characters running this class.

In order to become a Pugilist you can either opt to select it as your starting class or you can wait until you’ve obtained level 10 on another class and then visit the Pugilists Guild, Platinum Mirage, which is found in the Steps of Nald portion of Uldah.

NOTES: Because this is an all-out DPS class the main stat you’ll want to focus on building up for your Pugilist is Strength. But you may also want to throw points toward increasing your Vitality (VIT), too, in order to improve your players survivability.

FFXIV Pugilist Leveling Guide

Leveling up can take a little while especially when you don’t know the fastest and most efficient methods of doing it. Completing your class quests, running FATE farms, and other tasks can earn you a lot of experience quickly, though.

If you want to know how to get to level 30 and beyond as fast as possible you should follow the instructions in the Pugilist leveling guide that comes with this great FFXIV guide it includes full leveling guides for all classes & jobs, tips for earning tons of gil, hints on how to get top grade gear fast, and more.

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Pugilist Skills

In this section of the FFXIV Pugilist guide we will be talking about the different abilities players will gain access to upon selecting this class.

All of the skills that the Pugilist has access to give it a huge advantage in combat. These skills do everything including deliver powerful attacks that deal massive amounts of damage, increase your chances of getting critical hits, and even improving your overall evasion (also referred to as avoidance). All of these things are necessary in battle to deal big damage, get crits, and dodge oncoming attacks.

Here is every skill available for the class:

  • Bootshine
  • True Strike
  • Featherfoot
  • Snap Punch
  • Second Wind
  • Haymaker
  • Internal Release
  • Touch of Death
  • Twin Snakes
  • Fists of Earth
  • Arm of the Destroyer
  • Demolish
  • Fists of Wind
  • Steel Peak
  • Mantra
  • Howling Fist
  • Perfect Balance

Pugilist Traits

Nearly every one of the traits the Pugilist has is designed to either increase your characters Strength attribute or increase the total damage dealt by specific attacks. Both are vital components in making your player a true DPS class.

Here is the entire list of Pugilist traits:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Featherfoot
  • Enhanced Strength II
  • Enhanced Greased Lightning
  • Enhanced Strength III
  • Enhanced Twin Snakes
  • Third Wind
  • Enhanced Internal Release
  • Enhanced Greased Lightning II
  • Mythril Peak
  • Enhanced Mantra

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Race & Craft Recommendations

For this part of the FFXIV Pugilist guide we will be telling you what race and crafting profession we believe suits the Pugilist best.

When most people pick a race for their character they do so because of the appearance. But you may want to consider the starting stats for each race, too. If you want to focus on pure DPS for your Pugilist you’ll probably want to choose a race such as the Hyur Highlander since it starts off with a 23 rating in Strength.

When it comes to crafting the most important profession to a Pugilist is by far the Goldsmith. Why? Because through goldsmithing you can craft the various weapons that your character can use which includes a variety of knuckles, claws, and other accessories made of various metals and stones.

Pugilist Quests

Just like any other class in this game as soon as you take up the role of a Pugilist you’ll start working your way through a plethora of class-specific quests. Through this portion of the FFXIV Pugilist guide we will be showing you what quests you’ll embark upon with the class.

These quests generally do things like teach you the class, give you your starting gear, help to level your Pugilist, and even give you new skills to use. Completing these results in experience toward the Pugilist class, earning a bit of coin, and getting an item or two.

Here is the complete list of Pugilist quests:

  • Way of the Pugilist (level 1)
  • My First Hora (level 1)
  • Harder than Rock (level 5)
  • Burning Up the Quarter Maim (level 10)
  • The Spirit is Willing (level 15)
  • Keep the Spirit Alive (level 20)
  • Star Crossed Rivals (level 25)
  • Brother from Another Mother (level 30)
  • Return of the Holyfist (level 30)

The majority of these quests will be given to your player by an NPC that goes by the name of Hamon, who is the guildmaster for the Pugilists Guild. The only one that isn’t assigned by Hamon is Way of the Pugilist which is given to you by Gagaruna, the guilds receptionist.

NOTE: In the next week or so well be adding a few awesome Pugilist builds, suggestions for skill rotations, and more for other players to use.

Thank you for reading our full FFXIV Pugilist guide – hopefully it has been of assistance to you.

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