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FFXIV Marauder Guide: In-Depth Class Guide for the Marauder

FFXIV Marauder Guide

The Marauder class in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is one of the Disciples of War professions that focuses on heavy DPS or tanking. It perform well in both but it is better designed to be a tank than anything. Marauders use axes for dealing damage which are 2 handed weapons capable of crippling enemies pretty quickly and also absorbing tons of damage.

FFXIV Marauder Guide

Due to the fact that Marauders wear thick, heavy armor and use some of the strongest weapons in the game makes them extremely flexible between a melee-DPS role and a tank. They can dish out a crap load of damage while also protecting themselves or shielding other party members from taking too much damage from hits. Their skills and traits, however, are nearly all aligned for tanking.

If you want to take up the class of the Marauder you’ll either have to choose it as your starting class in the beginning of the game or, once your character is at level 10 or higher, you can visit the Marauders Guild, the Coral Tower, which is located in the Upper Decks portion of Limsa Lominsa.

In this FFXIV Marauder guide you’ll learn a lot more about the class itself.

NOTES: Because the Marauder is best designed to be a tank the one stat you’ll definitely want to boost while leveling is your Vitality. It provides more health and increases your characters survivability. You can, however, also put some points toward your Strength if you also want to increase your overall DPS with the class. The Marauder is also the class that can become a Warrior (one of the FFXIV jobs) later on.

FFXIV Marauder Leveling Guide

The Marauder is one of the best classes to level, especially if you’re not particularly good at MMOs. Why? Because they have a ton of defense and high survivability.

If you want to get your Marauder to level 30 and higher we suggest following the detailed walkthrough in this awesome FFXIV: A Realm Reborn strategy guide – it comes with a full Marauder leveling guide and also provides leveling tips for jobs, explains how to get the best armor & weapons for your character, and more.

Marauder Skills

As we mentioned above, the skills that are available to the Marauder are mostly suited for tanking but also provide you with some strong attacks to throw in the mix, too. Nearly all skills either produce a powerful attack or increase your players defense or health stats.

Here is the full list of Marauder skills:

  • Heavy Swing
  • Foresight
  • Skull Sunder
  • Fracture
  • Bloodbath
  • Brutal Swing
  • Overpower
  • Tomahawk
  • Maim
  • Berserk
  • Mercy Stroke
  • Butcher’s Block
  • Thrill of Battle
  • Storm’s Path
  • Holmgang
  • Vengeance
  • Storm’s Eye

Marauder Traits

The majority of the traits the Marauder has are geared toward increasing your characters vitality, shortening the cast time of specific actions, or increasing the duration of some of the class attacks. All of these passive abilities make your job as a tank a bit easier.

Check out the complete set of traits for the Marauder:

  • Enhanced Vitality
  • Enhanced Foresight
  • Enhanced Vitality II
  • Bloodshower
  • Enhanced Vitality III
  • Enhanced Fracture
  • Enhanced Brutal Swing
  • Enhanced Berserk
  • Enhanced Mercy Stroke
  • Enhanced Thrill of Battle
  • Enhanced Maim

Race & Craft Recommendations

If you want your Marauder to strictly act as nothing but a tank you’ll definitely want to pick a race that has a high starting value for the Vitality stat. The race with the highest starting score for VIT is the Sea Wolf Roegadyn with a rating of 23. But you can also go with a Hyur Highlander since it starts off with a rating of 22 in VIT.

As far as crafting goes the two obvious crafting profession choices that pair best with the Marauder class are the Armorsmith and Blacksmith crafts. As an Armorer you’ll be able to put together a lot of the heavy armor pieces your character needs for the best defense possible. Through Blacksmithing you’ll be able to craft the various axes you’ll want to deal massive amounts of damage with heavy attacks.

Marauder Quests

The Marauder, like all other classes in FFXIV: ARR, has its own set of class-specific quests that youll have to play through. Each one is geared toward helping you learn how to play with the Marauder class, level you up, help you learn new skills, and more. Once you complete each one you’ll be given a set of rewards including XP, gil, and even items.

Here is the full list of Marauder quests:

  • Way of the Marauder (level 1)
  • My First Axe (level 1)
  • Axe in the Stone (level 5)
  • Wake of Destruction (level 10)
  • Brutal Strength (level 15)

All of these quests will be assigned to you by NPCs in the Marauders Guild, found in the Coral Tower. The first one, Way of the Marauder, will be given to you by the guilds receptionist, Blauthota, while the rest of the missions will be assigned to you by the guildmaster, Wyrnzoen.

NOTE: Pretty soon well be adding a few sets of Marauder builds, different skill rotations, and more to this page to help players out even more.

Cheers for reading our FFXIV Marauder guide! Don’t forget to check out our other class guides, leveling tips, and more to learn how to master practically anything in the game.

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