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FFXIV Lancer Guide: In-Depth Lancer Class Guide

FFXIV Lancer Guide

Lancers are a fast, agile, and powerful DPS class that uses various spear-like weapons to inflict insane amounts of damage unto their enemies. Hacking, slashing, and jabbing Lancers are a very strong and dangerous class making them ideal for a melee-based DPS role.

The Lancer is one of the Disciples of War classes in the game. While they can do a ton of damage to enemies they are best at taking out single targets at a time. Very few attacks are able to encompass a larger area to hit multiple targets at a time (AoE, or Area of Effect attacks).

If you want to become a Lancer you can either choose it as your starting class in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn or, once your character is level 10, you can visit the Lancers Guild called Wailing Barracks, which is located in Old Gridania.

NOTES: The one stat you’ll want to focus on if you choose to be a Lancer is Strength which gives your character even more power to deal more damage with every attack.

FFXIV Lancer Leveling Guide

Lancers are a great class for leveling considering they are one of the most powerful DPS classes in the game. They can deal serious damage which makes it easy for taking out enemies.

If you’re wanting to reach level 30 or higher with your Lancer we recommend reading over the complete leveling guide provided in this awesome FFXIV: ARR strategy guide it gives a full walkthrough on how to reach the max level for all classes & jobs plus gives tips for getting a ton of gil, great gear, making an insanely powerful build, and more.

Lancer Skills

The majority of the skills that are available to the Lancer class are basically just powerful attacks. A few give your character the ability to execute longer, ranged attacks but most are just meant to be strong, high-damage attacks. A couple also increase your chances of performing a critical hit.

Here is the full list of skills for the Lancer:

Lancer Traits

Pretty much all of the Lancers traits are made to either boost your overall Strength, decrease the cast time on certain attacks, and increase the duration of other attacks. These are all passive abilities that will contribute to your performance as a melee-DPS player.

The Lancers traits include all of the following:

Race & Craft Recommendations

If you want to start off on the right foot in-game you’ll definitely want to select a race and crafting professions that will be beneficial to your Lancer. Because this class relies heavily on the Strength stat you may want to pick the Hyur Highlander as your race since it starts with a rating of 23 for the attribute.

For crafting you want to pick professions that are able to make the items you’ll need as a Lancer. For that reason the ones that are best suited for this class are Carpentry and Leatherworking.

Why? As a Carpenter you can craft the majority of the spears, tridents, and other weapons you’ll be using. As a Leatherworker you’ll be able to create the various armor pieces your Lancer will need for extra defense.

Lancer Quests

Once you take up the role of the Lancer you’ll start working your way through an array of class-specific quests. These quests will be assigned to you by NPCs in the Lancers Guild (Wailing Barracks). Throughout these missions you’ll be learning how to effectively use your Lancer, earning new weapons & armor, learning new skills, and more.

Each time you complete a quest you’ll be rewarded with XP for the Lancer class, a bit of coin, and maybe additional items.

Here is the complete list of quests for the Lancer:

  • Way of the Lancer (level 1)
  • My First Spear (level 1)
  • Spear of the Fearless (level 5)
  • Courage of Stone (level 10)
  • A Dangerous Proposition (level 15)
  • Lance of Destiny (level 20)
  • Questions and Lancers (level 25)
  • Eye of the Dragon (level 30)
  • Proof of Might (level 30)

Nearly all of these quests will be assigned to you by the Lancers Guild guildmaster, Ywain, in Old Gridania. One quest, Way of the Lancer, which is the very first one, will be given to you by the guilds receptionist, Jillian, instead.

NOTE: Well be posting various Lancer builds, skill rotations, and more on this page very soon.

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