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FFXIV Jobs – Complete Overview of Jobs in A Real Reborn

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn the classes are broken down further into a sub-system of specializations which are referred to as jobs in the game. A player can select a Job to pursue once they reach level 30. The only thing is that your selection will be limited depending on what you chose for your players primary class during character creation in the beginning of the game.

FFXIV Jobs Guide

Let’s talk about the Job classes that are available to players in FFXIV: ARR.FFXIV Jobs

Here are the jobs available in the game:

  • Bard
  • Paladin
  • Dragoon
  • Warrior
  • Monk
  • Summoner
  • Scholar
  • White Mage
  • Black Mage

Jobs are made available for players via a special quest that is given when you reach level 30 in your primary class and level 15 in a cross-class. This is further explained below.

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In order to unlock the Bard job players must reach level 30 as an Archer and also level 15 as a Conjurer. They will then be given the opportunity to complete the quest called A Song of Bards and Bowmen which, upon completion, gives you the ability to choose the Bard job.

Bards are a specialization that focuses on support (gives song abilities that provide buffs to party members).


The Paladin job is made available once a player reaches level 30 as a Gladiator and level 15 as a Conjurer.

FFXIV Paladin

This job provides the player with more abilities that are designed to fit a tank role such as invulnerability and block abilities. This makes the Gladiator class even more appealing as a tank in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.


Dragoon is the Job available to players that reach level 30 as a Lancer and level 15 as a Pugilist. Then the quest known as Eye of the Dragon opens up and upon completion gives the player the chance to become a Dragoon.

This job gives your character a boost to your overall attack power and also some pretty useful AoE (area of effect) attacks, too. This makes the Lancer class more powerful as a crowd control role.

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The Warrior job is what becomes available to a player once they reach level 30 as a Marauder and level 15 as a Gladiator. Unlocking this job requires that the player complete the Pride and Duty quest.

The job provides your character with a few AoE attacks and a few abilities that better compliment playing as a tank role. The Marauder is considered to be one of the best classes to use as a tank because of some of the added abilities gained by pursuing the Warrior job.

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Once a player brings their character to level 30 as a Pugilist and level 15 as a Lancer they receive the ability to complete the Brother From Another Mother quest which unlocks the Monk job.

Becoming a Monk gives your character a few more elemental-based attacks including a couple that provide a buff to movement or attack speed.


Not a lot is known about the Summoner job right now other than it will be a specialization for the Arcanist class.

It is assumed that this job will provide the player with more, stronger creature summon abilities and even give the player the ability to direct a pet to absorb incoming damage (acting as a tank for the player or the players party).


Similar to the Summoner, there hasn’t been a lot of information revealed regarding the Scholar job other than it being a specialization of the Arcanist.

In most cases this job is hinted at being a support-based sub-class so it can be assumed that it will provide players with more support based abilities such as party buffs and healing spells.

White Mage

The White Mage job becomes available to players that reach level 30 as a Conjurer and level 15 as an Arcanist. Once the player completes the Seeds of Initiative quest he/she will gain access to the required soul crystal for the job.

The majority of new abilities given to players who choose this job are some sort of support ability (party or player buffs). These include the ability to remove effects and healing players within your party.

Black Mage

The Black Mage job becomes to available to any player that reaches level 30 as a Thaumaturge and level 15 as a Pugilist.

Once unlocked this job provides your character with more, stronger spell attacks, some which include DoT effects. This makes the Thaumaturge a great class for a magical, ranged DPS role.

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