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FFXIV FATEs Guide – A Full Breakdown of Every FATE by Level


The dynamic events that pop up across Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are referred to as FATEs. The literal translation of FATE is Full Active Time Event.

These happen all over the place and usually consist of tasks such as killing mobs, collecting items for an NPC, or even taking down one of the iconic Primals of FF. FATEs are beneficial for players because they provide tons of fast experience, gil, Grand Company seals, and other valuable loot.


Any player can join a FATE by simply getting into the designated area. As soon as you run into one you’ll get a message pop up on your screen saying FATE Joined. Once you cross the events border you’ll be given the details regarding the objectives of the FATE and how much time is left to complete it.

The more you contribute to an event, the more or greater reward you will receive. Your participation is rated in the form of medals. The highest contributors will receive a gold medal, medium contributors get a silver medal, and those that barely participated will receive a bronze medal.

Rewards increase as you hit higher medals. FATEs are a great way to level up fast in FFXIV (although dungeons are slightly faster and more rewarding).

NOTE: If your character is 6 or more levels above what level the event is designed for you’ll be given the option to Level Sync. You must do this if you want to participate and gain any reward for partaking in the FATE.

FATE Zones by Level

For those of you that are just getting started we’ve outlined below the zones you should be leveling and completing FATEs in by player level. Its important to make use of each area as you level up.


Once you get to a point where you have to Level Sync more often than not, move on to the next zone. This way you’ll gain as much experience, gil, and other rewards as possible while completing FATEs.

  • Levels 1-12: Horizons Edge (Located in Western Thanalan)
  • Levels 13-20: Aleport (Located in Western La Noscea)
  • Levels 21-30: Quarrymill (Located in the Silent Arbor area of South Shroud)
  • Levels 28-34: Wineport (Located in the Raincatcher Gully area of Eastern La Noscea)
  • Levels 30-38: Dragonhead (Located in the Central Highlands area of Coerthas)
  • Levels 38-42: Camp Revenants Toll (Located in the Fogfens area of Mor Dhona)
  • Levels 42-50: Ceruleum Processing Plant (Located in the Bluefog area of Northern Thanalan)

NOTE: Also keep in mind that these areas have Levemete NPCs within them that will offer you levequests to complete for even more XP if you want. FATEs are faster but picking up a quest here and there can help it not feel as much like grinding.

FFXIV FATE Leveling Guide

As mentioned above, FATEs are a great and quick way to gain a ton of experience and move through levels like crazy but that can also be a bad thing. These events basically give players a way to power level their characters to the level cap in very little time but that can ruin the overall game experience for some.

So if you’d rather savor the game and rack up hours, I wouldn’t focus too heavily on farming FATEs. This strategy works but its only meant for those that want to power their way to the highest level in a short period of time.

Learn the most effective leveling strategies to hit level cap in no time, find out how to get your hands on the best gear for any class, discover the secrets to making a POWERFUL build for PvE or PvP, and more by getting your hands on this info-packed FFXIV: A Realm Reborn guide that’ll put you ahead of the curve today!

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