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FFXIV Crafting Guide – Complete Overview of Disciples of Hand Classes

FFXIV Crafting Guide

Like pretty much any other MMO out there, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has its own system for crafting. There are 8 different crafting classes in the game which all fall under the category of Disciples of Hand. Each class has 50 levels and is capable of creating a specific type of items. Below we discuss each of the crafting disciplines in more detail in our full FFXIV crafting guide.

FFXIV ARR Crafting Overview

Disciples of Hand


Alchemists are masters of making very useful and powerful concoctions. They are able to craft mostly consumable items like potions, ethers, elixirs, and other similar items. To gain access to this craft you’ll need to visit and join the Alchemists Guild called Frondales Phrontistery which is located in Uldah.

Nearly any class can benefit from potions and other consumables but the two classes that best fit the Alchemist role are Arcanists and Conjurers.

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Armorers are master of the forging of metals. They are able to craft all kinds of different armor pieces such as strong body protectants and leggings. They can also craft items that will be valuable to players using other crafting professions like Alembics (used by Alchemists), Skillets (which are used by cooks), and other useful things like rings, plates, and ingots.

The Armorer craft is definitely most suited for the Gladiator and Marauder (plus their sub-classes, or jobs, like the Paladin and Warrior) classes in FFXIV. They are able to use nearly anything you can make. To gain access to this craft you just need to visit the Armorers Guild, which is called Naldiq & Vymellis, and is found within Limsa Lominsa.


In this section of the FFXIV crafting guide we’re going to talk about the weapon crafting class. Blacksmiths are masters of forging weapons and various tools. They can make all sorts of great weapons including swords, daggers, axes, and such which are great for most of the melee combat classes in the game.

If your character is a Gladiator, Marauder, or even a Pugilist, you can definitely benefit from leveling up the blacksmithing craft. You can also level up this class just to gain the ability to craft needed Tradecraft and Fieldcraft tools for all the other crafting classes (blacksmiths are able to make most of the tools needed for armorsmiths, leatherworkers, carpenters, goldsmiths, botanists, and even miners).

To take up the blacksmith craft you just need to head to the Blacksmiths Guild, Naldiq & Vymellis, in Limsas Lominsa.


Carpenters are very skilled with their hands and are capable of crafting a lot of useful weapons and items including lances, bows, staffs, wands, and other gear. They are also able to create the primary items needed to go fishing (such as a fishing rod and a gig).

The classes that will benefit most from the carpentry craft are Archers, Conjurers, and Lancers (plus their jobs). Carpenters make a lot of the weapons used by these classes making it an invaluable craft to level up. They can also make lumber which is used by several other Disciples of Hand.

To get started with the carpentry craft youll have to stop by the Carpenters Guild which is found in Gridania.

Culinarian (Cooking)

Culinarians are masters of the art of food. Being a chef has its pros and cons, though. Culinarians require ingredients from nearly every one of the Disciples of the Land (gatherers) but especially need stuff from botanists and fishers. The only thing cooking yields are various foods. The good news is that nearly every guild will want to have a Chef on-board for high-level foods.

There isn’t really one set class that should be a Culinarian. Any class can take it up and make use of it once its leveled up enough. To get started with cooking you’ll have to join the Culinarians Guild which is found in Limsa Lominsa.


The Goldsmith is perhaps one of the most interesting and useful crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR. Goldsmiths are able to craft a variety of items including arms for the Thaumaturge & Pugilist classes, and a ton of different accessories for Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, and even important crafting components for other crafts like rings, gemstones, and ingots.

The classes that benefit most from being a goldsmith are the Pugilist (as well as Monk) and Thaumaturge (as well as Black Mage). This craft may also end up being one of the most profitable for earning Gil in-game. To become a goldsmith you need to head over to the Goldsmiths Guild which can be found in Uldah.


Leatherworkers are capable of crafting various forms of leather-based armor using hides, furs, and pelts. They can also create some pretty useful crafting and gathering armor pieces making this a pretty valuable crafting profession.

Leatherworking is a craft best suited for the Archer, Lancer, and Pugilist classes since it can make a lot of the armor and shields that are wielded by them. If you wish to pursue leatherworking as a craft you’ll need to get yourself to the Leatherworkers Guild in Gridania.


Weaver is a FFXIV crafting class that is able to make armor out of cloth. Cloth-based gear isn’t the best in terms of defending against physical attacks but weavers are able to craft some very useful, high magic resistant gear, too, making it a very useful profession.

The classes that are best suited to take up the craft of weaving are Arcanists, Conjurers, Thaumaturges, and their jobs (scholar, summoner, white mage, black mage). They can also make a few pieces of crafting and gathering armor, yarn, and, of course, cloth.

You can become a weaver by joining the Weavers Guild which is located in Uldah.


That wraps it up for our general overview of each of the Disciples of Hand crafting professions. We will be putting together very detailed leveling guides for each one soon plus releasing information and guides for the Disciples of Land crafting professions soon, too.

Thanks for reading our FFXIV crafting guide – we hope it’s been useful.

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