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FFXIV Classes – Full Overview of Every Class in FFXIV: ARR

One of the most important parts of pretty much any MMORPG is selecting a class to use. A class defines what role your character will take on (DPS, support, tank, etc), what gear you will use, and, sometimes, what you’re able to do in-game.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn sticks to a fairly basic class system. Below we talk about how the different classes operate, what jobs they can take on, what races fit what class, and much more.

FFXIV Classes Guide

Classes in FFXIV: ARR are broken up into Disciplines. The primary classes you’re able to select during the character creation portion of the game are part of the Disciplines of War and Disciplines of Magic.

FFXIV ARR Classes Overview

Picking a class is a decision you should’nt make lightly. In order to pick the best class for yourself you need to determine what your personal playing style is and then figure out what class best suits you. Use the information below to help you come to a reasonable selection.

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Disciplines of War

The classes within the Disciplines of War are designed to be for players that wish to take on a traditional warrior / ranger role or just a DPS or Tank position in general. The ones you can choose from in this discipline are:

Below we reveal further details regarding each class.


The Archer is the ranger-like class of FFXIV: ARR. Your primary weapon of choice will be a bow and the class itself is setup to perform best as a ranged DPS role. This is perfect for players that like to sit back and kite enemies with powerful AoE and direct attacks or for players that like to make use of range to take out opposing players in PvP.

To recap:

  • Great for Ranged DPS
  • Required for Bard Job

It’s best to select the Wildwood Elezen as your race for this class as it provides the highest dexterity starting stat.

Need more info? Read our full FFXIV Archer class guide for details on abilities, traits, tips, and more.


The Gladiator can be most associated with a typical warrior class in other MMOs. Its primary weapon is a sword and the class is perfect for being a decent melee-DPS role or tank (primarily meant to be an awesome tank class, though).

They are best used as a tank in up-close-and-personal combat due to their high strength and vitality stats.

To recap:

  • Most suited for Tank
  • Required for Paladin Job

Choosing a Sea Wolf Roegadyn is a wise thing for this class as it provides the highest vitality stats to start with.

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The Lancer is a rather interesting class. It uses a spear as its main weapon and is best made for mid-range melee-based DPS. It doesn’t have quite as much strength or vitality as the Gladiator but does have some pretty strong attacks making it useful for some quick burst DPS damage.

To recap:

  • Best used for Melee-DPS
  • Required for Dragoon Job

The Highlander Hyur have a very well-rounded collection of stats which is recommended for a lancer.

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The Marauder is one of the most powerful classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It has a ton of strength and is capable of dealing a lot of damage really quickly.

It uses a two-handed axe as its primary weapon and is perfect for heavy melee-based DPS but is also an insanely awesome tank. Build this class up around the premise of being a tank that can deal some decent damage from time to time.

To recap:

  • Best suited for a Tank
  • Required for Warrior Job

This class benefits from any race that has high strength or vitality such as the Highlander Hyur or Seekers of the Sun Miqote.


The Pugilist is a real hands-on kind of class. It uses claws and knuckles for primary weapons and is capable of dealing some pretty serious melee damage.

But, aside from being a decent DPS role, it also has a lot of avoidance which makes it even more appealing for players looking for a class with a lot of survivability.

To recap:

  • Recommended for Melee-DPS Role
  • Required for Monk Job

Nearly any race with decent strength will go fine with this class.

Disciplines of Magic

The classes found in the Disciplines of Magic are designed for a variety of roles but are built around having a mage-like presence. These are best used for players that wish to pursue a support or ranged DPS build.

Here are the classes in this category:

Each one has a different role it fits best. We discuss this more below.


Arcanists are one of the more unique classes in FFXIV: ARR because they rely heavily on pets. These pets are brought about through summon spells which call upon magical creatures to fight at your side.

This class should mostly be considered for a ranged DPS role.

To recap:

  • Best used as Ranged or Support
  • Required for Scholar Job

We mainly recommend using a race with a decent Peity stat so you can increase your total Magic Points. Good races for this are Lalafell Dunesfolk.

Read our in-depth Arcanist class guide for more details.


The Conjurer is the ultimate support class in this game. It provides healing, support spells, and even provides buffs when needed.

So if you’re a player that plans to do a lot of group PvE play (like dungeon runs) and really want to be helpful, being a support-base Conjurer is an excellent choice.

To recap:

  • Definitely best Support Build Choice
  • Required for White Magic Job

The absolute best race for this class are the Keepers of the Moon Miqote because they have a very high MND stat which gives your character more healing power.


Finally, we have the Thaumaturge. This is by far the best ranged DPS class among the mages in this game. They can be further trained in destructive spells later on by pursuing the Black Magic job, too.

To recap:

  • Best Ranged DPS Mage
  • Required for Black Magic Job

Due to their high intelligence starting stat the best race to use for this class is the Duskwight Elezen. Intelligence contributes to the overall damage you deal with ranged magical attacks.

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