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FFXIV Carpenter Guide: The Ultimate Carpentry Guide for ARR

FFXIV Carpenter Guide

Carpenters are one of the most useful crafting-based classes found in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Why? Because of the large variety of useful weapons and tools they can create. Through carpentry players can craft bows, staves, polearms, shields & masks made of wood, and a fair amount of other weapons and armor pieces. This makes them especially useful to players using the Archer, Lancer, or Gladiator class.

FFXIV ARR Carpenter Guide

Carpenters are also very handy for players that choose to take up crafting or gathering. How so? Well, they can whip up great fishing poles, clogs, spinning wheels, and even grinding wheels. These are all important tools used in the fishing, weaving, and goldsmithing crafts.

To begin your adventure in Eorzea as a carpenter you’ll need to speak with Corgg, the receptionist of the Carpenters Guild called The Oak Atrium, which can be found in New Gridania.

FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide

In order to make your way through the 50 levels within the Carpentry craft you’ll have to create a large variety of items and make sure you’re swapping out recipes for higher level ones as soon as you’re able to.

If you want to absolutely fly through all 50 levels and max out your Carpenter as quickly as possible you should follow the Carpenter leveling guide that is included in this info-packed FFXIV: ARR guide it gives full walkthroughs of how to level up ANY class, how to master any of the crafting disciplines, explains how to make a ton of gil, get super powerful gear, and much more.

Carpentry Quests

Just like any other class in the game you’ll find that there are several carpenter-specific quests that you can embark upon. These quests are obtained from NPCs found in the Carpenters Guild mentioned above. The majority of these missions will require you to craft certain items or speak with other NPCs. Upon completion of each one you’ll gain experience for Carpentry, a bit of gil, some crafting mats, and, possibly, another item.

Here is the full list of quests:

  • Way of the Carpenter (level 1)
  • My First Saw (level 1)
  • To Be the Wood (level 5)
  • Supplies for the Sick (level 10)
  • A Carpenter in Need (level 15)
  • The Lances Lesson (level 20)
  • A Crisis of Confidence (level 25)
  • In Yew We Trust (level 30)
  • Growing Apart (level 35)
  • Memento Mori (level 40)
  • Gone till the Sixth Astral Moon (level 45)
  • Saving Captain Gairhard (level 50)

All of these quests are provided to players by the NPC named Beatin in the crafting guild in Gridania except for the first quest, Way of the Carpenter, which is given out by the guilds receptionist, Corgg.

Carpenter Skills

Every crafting class in FFXIV has a set of skills it uses. Some are the same as those found in other crafts but some are also unique to Carpenters.

Here is the complete list of skills available for players that choose to take up carpentry:

  • Basic Synthesis
  • Basic Touch
  • Master’s Mend
  • Steady Hand
  • Inner Quiet
  • Observe
  • Rumination
  • Standard Touch
  • Great Strides
  • Master’s Mend II
  • Standard Synthesis
  • Advanced Touch
  • Brand of Wind
  • Byregot’s Blessing
  • Collectable Synthesis
  • Byregot’s Brow
  • Precise Touch
  • Name of the Wind
  • Satisfaction
  • Innovative Touch
  • Nymeia’s Wheel
  • Byregot’s Miracle
  • Trained Hand
  • Heart of the Carpenter

Carpenter Crafting Gear

Crafting gear includes pieces of armor and accessories that help to improve the quality, speed, or performance of the crafter. The primary tools of carpenters, saws and hammers, generally add to your vitality and dexterity attributes.

You can, however, use other pieces of gear that will have a more positive effect on the items you craft. Look for pieces that provide bonuses to the Craftmanship and Control stats for best results.

Both Craftmanship and Control directly affect the synthesis process of crafting. Having gear on with boosts to these stats will allow you to make more progress with each synthesis action, produce higher quality items, and increase the durability of any weapons, armor, or tools that you create.

NOTE: We are currently working on a full Carpentry leveling guide and recipes list which we will be posting soon! Thanks for reading our FFXIV Carpenter guide.

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