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FFXIV: Armorsmith Leveling Guide – Armorsmithing 101

FFXIV Armorsmith Guide

The Armorsmith crafting class is another one of the Disciples of the Hand. Through armorsmithing players can forge various metals together to create virtually any armor piece imaginable. The classes that benefit most from this craft are Gladiator & Marauder (along with their jobs, Paladin and Warrior).

FFXIV Armorsmith Guide

Armorers are also capable of creating Alembics and Frying Pans which are used by the crafting classes of Alchemist and Culinarian respectively. This means by taking up this craft youll be especially valuable to players that chose on of those craft classes for their character.

In order to take up the Armorsmith craft you’ll want to visit Naldiq & Vymellis, which is the Armorers Guild found in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa in the Upper Decks area. Once there youll need to speak with Gwahnako, the Armorsmiths guild receptionist to get started.

FFXIV Armorsmith Leveling Guide

Leveling your armorsmith craft is really not that difficult. With the right list of recipes, details about where to get the materials & tools youll need, and a little push you can easily max out your armorer craft in a jiffy. To hit 50+ in 7 days or less simply follow the instructions provided in this FFXIV: ARR strategy guide it gives you a full, fast leveling guide for each of the crafting disciplines in the game.

FFXIV Armorsmith

The guide mentioned above includes a full FFXIV Armorsmith leveling guide that will help you reach the level cap with the craft as quickly as possible.

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Armorsmith Quests

The Armorers Guild in Limsa Lominsa will provide you with an array of armorsmith class-specific quests that you can complete which will net you a hefty sum of XP, gil, and possibly a few items as well. These quests are:

  • Way of the Armorer (level 1)
  • My First Doming Hammer (level 1)
  • From Thigh to Neck (level 5)
  • The Base Fundamentals (level 10)
  • Ones Own Worst Critic (level 15)
  • An Armorers Pride (level 20)
  • Showing Your Steel (level 25)
  • May the Best Armorer Win (level 30)

The first quest, Way of the Armorer, is given to you by the guild receptionist. The rest of these quests are provided by Hnaanza, the Armorsmith guildmaster. As you finish each one Hnaanza (a female Miqote) will give you a bit of experience, a bit of coin, some crafting materials or crafting gear, and, sometimes, a bonus item (typically a piece of armor).

Armorsmith Skills

Just like all of the other crafting classes in FFXIV: ARR you’ll find that Armorsmithing has a few unique skills and then a bunch of generic craft ones.

Below is the full list of skills given to this profession:

  • Basic Synthesis
  • Basic Touch
  • Master’s Mend
  • Steady Hand
  • Inner Quiet
  • Observe
  • Rapid Synthesis
  • Standard Touch
  • Great Strides
  • Master’s Mend II
  • Standard Synthesis
  • Brand of Ice
  • Advanced Touch
  • Collectible Synthesis
  • Piece by Piece
  • Byregot’s Brow
  • Precise Touch
  • Name of Ice
  • Satisfaction
  • Whistle While You Work
  • Innovative Touch
  • Nymeia’s Wheel
  • Byregot’s Miracle
  • Trained Hand
  • Heart of the Armorer

Armorsmith Crafting Gear

The primary tool of the Armorer is the hammer and the class is also able to use various other armor pieces that give a boost to your crafting abilities, too.

A few good examples of this include the Bronze Raising Hammer (gives +30 to Craftmanship among other stat bonuses) which can be obtained at level 14, the Hempen Shepherds Tunic (gives +23 to Craftmanship and +17 to Gathering) which can be used at level 6, and the Initiates Slops (gives +14 to Gathering) that can be used at level 20.

Most gear pieces will also provide stat boosts to the regular attributes such as vitality, damage, accuracy, resistance, etc, as well.

NOTE: We are in the process of writing up a detailed leveling guide and recipes list for Armorsmith which we will publish and link here soon!

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