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FFXIV Arcanist Guide – Fast Leveling Tips and Class Info

About Arcanists in FFXIV: ARR

Arcanists are a mage-based class that falls under the Disciples of Magic category. This is a pretty powerful class in terms of DPS. It is capable of dealing tons of damage and, even better, are its DoT (damage over time) abilities which are incredibly useful in dungeon runs.

FFXIV ARR Arcanist Guide

Arcanists are also capable of summoning a Carbuncle, which is a small bunny-like pet that provides healing and also attacks enemies for the caster.

FFXIV Arcanist Guide

The Arcanist acquires different Carbuncles that it can summon as you level up the class. Some of these pets are designed to be DPS characters while others can operate as a pretty decent tank. These creatures can be very helpful in battles both for the individual player running the Arcanist class and his or her party members.

To become an Arcanist you’ll either have to select it as your starting class in the beginning of the game or wait until you’re level 10 and then speak with Murie, the Arcanists Guild (named Mealvaans Gate) receptionist who is located in the Lower Decks are of Limsa Lominsa.

NOTES: The primary stat you’ll want to focus on increasing for an Arcanist is Intelligence which will improve the amount of damage your spells can do. Its also important to note that Arcanists are capable of taking on either the Summoner or Scholar jobs once your character is at level 30.

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Skills of the Arcanist

The Arcanist has access to a variety of skills from attack casts to summons to debuffs and beyond. Most of the skills are simple attack spells that deal damage. Some of the debuff skills will decrease the enemy’s strength, dexterity, or simply inhibits them in some way.

Here is the full list of skills Arcanists have:

  • Ruin
  • Bio
  • Summon
  • Physick
  • Aetherflow
  • Energy Drain
  • Miasma
  • Virus
  • Summon II
  • Sustain
  • Resurrection
  • Bio II
  • Bane
  • Eye for an Eye
  • Rouse
  • Miasma II
  • Shadow Flare

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FFXIV Arcanist

Traits of the Arcanist

As with all other classes traits are the passive skills used by the class. Most of the traits used by the Arcanist class are focused around boosting the Intelligence attribute, increasing attack damage, shortening cast times of certain spells, and restoring HP.

Here are all of the traits for this class:

  • Aetherdam
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Enhanced Intelligence II
  • Maim and Mend
  • Aetherdam II
  • Enhanced Pet Actions
  • Supervirus
  • Enhanced Intelligence III
  • Energy Siphon
  • Maim and Mend II
  • Aetherdam III
  • Enhanced Eye for an Eye
  • Enhanced Rouse

Race & Craft Recommendations

As with any other class you’ll want to make your race and craft selections based on what your Arcanist needs. Because this mage class relies heavily on the Intelligence stat you’ll probably want to choose the Duskwight Elezen as your character race since they start off with a 23 for it.

For crafting you’ll more than likely want to try using the crafts of Alchemy and Weaving. Arcanists can benefit greatly from the various consumable buffs you can create as an Alchemist. They can also make great use of the different cloth-based armors (including mage-specific pieces) that you can make as a Weaver.

FFXIV Arcanist Guide

Arcanist Quests from the Arcanist Guild

Just like any other class in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, the Arcanist is given a set of quests to complete. Each one is given to you by an NPC at the Arcanists Guild (called Mealvaans Gate).

You’ll unlock them as you level up in the class. The beginning quests are meant to get you acquainted with the abilities of the Arcanist while later quests help you get new skills and help out other NPCs. Each quest completion rewards you with experience, gil, and items.

Here is the complete list of quests for the Arcanist:

  • Way of the Arcanist (level 1)
  • My First Grimoire (level 1)
  • Whats In the Box (level 5)
  • Tactical Planning (level 10)
  • Topaz Teachings (level 15)
  • Over the Rails (level 15)
  • Pincer Maneuver (level 20)
  • Grimoire Fandango (level 25)
  • Forgotten But Not Gone (level 30)
  • Austerities of Flame (level 30)
  • Sinking Doesmaga (level 30)

The vast majority of these quests will be given to you by the NPC called Thubyrgeim, the guildmaster of the Arcanists Guild. The first mission, however, is issued to you by the guild receptionist, Murie.

NOTE: Well be adding a few recommended builds, skill rotations, and more to this page for the Arcanist very soon!

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