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5 Features the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Needs to Have

Now that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been officially announced, we’ve had time to breathe and think about what we want out of the game. Here is our list of our top 5 features we’d like to see incorporated into the game.

5 Features the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Needs

1. The Materia System

With various rumours that the battle system is going to get a major revamp, it begs the question on how Materia is going to be approached by the developers. Obviously they cannot remove it from the game, as it is a major section to the storyline, but we feel there may be some changes made to keep it fresh and exciting.

FF7 Materia System

We hope that the system keeps some of the core elements that made it so unique in the original, such as equipping it to slots in your weapons and armor, and being able to create bonuses to certain skills with the addition of “All” Materia, among others.

Here’s to hoping that there will also be a major overhaul and set of new features to the system. We’d love to see additional Materia that weren’t in the original game, and new combinations to make.

2. Chocobo Breeding and Racing

The chocobo breeding system was an excellent addition to Final Fantasy 7. The Final Fantasy series have always featured chocobos, but this was the first time that the system went so in-depth. There were a lot of in game mechanics required to master in order to breed chocobos.

Having several different types of chocobos where each one could do something different was great. For example, once you began breeding coloured chocobo’s, such as blue and green, you were then able to explore areas of the world map that were previously inaccessible. This enabled you access to hidden stronger items and weapons, along with new enemies to face.

Gaining a gold chocobo allowed you to get the elusive Knights of the Round materia as well, which was incredibly powerful, and an excellent reward for devoting so much time to Chocobo breeding.

The system not only included breeding though, you could also race your Chocobo’s in the Gold Saucer, and feed them different types of ‘Greens’ to improve their abilities. And who could forget that damned Teioh on his black chocobo, always managing to slip through and win at the last second.

All in all it was a fantastic system, and one any user could grasp a hold of and master. Same with the Materia system, the chocobo breeding is too important to the story to remove, but we hope that it can be updated and revamped. We’d love to see more skill involved with the racing, perhaps some different types of boosts and additional controls. And how great would it be if you could purchase items to equip onto your chocobo to improve their appearance and some statistics? We can’t wait to see what the team can add to this system.

3. The Weapons

Who can forget the titans of Final Fantasy 7 that would crush you in battle if you were underprepared? The Weapons, the monsters created by the planet that would only appear when the planet was in danger. Each one provided a major challenge in overcoming, especially the two optional beats; Ruby and Emerald.

No doubt these weapons will feature in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but we hope that their battles are revamped so new strategies will be required to face them. It would be excellent to see some additional secret bosses added, even as DLC packs, to bring new life to the game.

4. Mini Games

Final Fantasy 7 had a slew of mini games, and we hope these will all feature in the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake, along with some additional new games.

Who can forget the squatting competition to win female clothing for cloud? Although just a button mashing contest, with the abilities of the PS4 controller, this could easily turn into a motion based mini game that would require more skill.


The G Bike mini game was one of the standout mini games. This involved Cloud riding a motorcycle behind a truck, with enemies riding up attempting to attack the truck. Cloud could bump them, or swing his sword to try and destroy them before they attacked the truck.

This was a great game, and could be replayed in the Gold Saucer once you gained access to it. The game was much simpler back then, and with the capabilities of current en consoles, this could quite easily be developed into an amazing mini game, complete with power ups and motion control.

Making the G Bike mini game multiplayer would provide additional fun, imagine being able to team up with a friend playing as Barret on the back of the truck, shooting down bikes to aid Cloud.

There are a ton of other mini games we hope to see make it too, but the last one in particular we want to mention is the Snowboarding mini game. At the start of Disc 2, you had to snowboard down a mountain from Icicle Inn down to the Great Glacier. There were obstacles that needed to be avoided, and there were balloons to collect for points too. Once unlocked in the Gold Saucer, time trial became available too.

We can see this game becoming more in-depth with a better scoring system, and online leaderboards for the time trial. It would be great to have the ability to unlock additional tracks, even if they are released via DLC. Making this a multiplayer game in the Gold Saucer too would be incredibly fun for online play.

5. The Soundtrack

Last but not least, and arguably most important. The soundtrack of Final Fantasy 7 was breathtaking. It really made you feel like you were in the game. From the melodies of Midgar, to the haunting Jenova theme, they were incredibly well written and set a great atmosphere.

Some themes received an update when Advent Children came out, but unfortunately a lot of these were smothered with Distorted Guitar. Which although great to hear a different take, would ruin the atmosphere of the game if placed in. We’d love to see a revisit to these songs, not just digitally manipulating the midi to become an orchestra piece, but actually using an Orchestra to recreate these beautiful musical compositions.

No doubt Nobuo Uematsu will revisit the arrangements for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and make the soundtrack sound amazing. We can’t wait to hear Aerith’s haunting theme on a beautiful Grand Piano, complete with a subtle Orchestral backing.

That’s it for our round-up. Although all these features will be required to make the game flow properly, we felt it was necessary to address them and give our thoughts on how they can be updated. What are you most excited for? What do you hope Square-Enix can add to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake to make it even better?

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