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Eve Online Odyssey Expansion Details

The Eve Online Odyssey community has been longing for some major updates and expansions in the game, especially in the features of the star-bases. In a sort of an unprecedented move, the developers of the popular game have released an official statement which is just short of being a whitepaper and is more on the lines of a projection laying out the kind of developments that may be in store for gamers.

Eve Online Odyssey Expansion

In the upcoming update, referred to as the summer update, of Eve Online Odyssey, a major expansion would be rolled out which will offer a plethora of new and upgraded feature of the star-base hangars.

The official release date for the Odyssey expansion is June 4th, 2013.

Here is a snippet of what may be in the offering:

1. The private star-base hangars would have fittings that resemble a Corporate Hangar Array and they would be costlier to build.

2. The normal member will get to view the structures on and within the star-base hangar but will only be allowed access to view their own items. The exposure is being said to be similar to how one would view the planetary customs office structures and contents.

3. The directors of the Corp would have the liberty to check every item of every member in the star-base hangar but the option to change, take or place items would not be allotted.

4. The capped limit that restricts usage of the structures to a certain number of characters would be taken off and more people will get to use it but there would still be a storage limit per character. The storage limit is still speculative but it might be anywhere from 10,000 cubic meters to 40,000 cubic meters.

5. Many changes are being expected for the functioning of the different structures and the star-base itself. Upon a member’s departure from the Corp, the items belonging to the member will not be accessible to the player or others and will only be available again if the member or the player resumes. Upon destruction of the structure, items may drop and be lost but the entire loot may not be disposable. Only if the star-base hangar is unanchored, the contents and all items contained therein would be destroyed, although there would be notifications issued warning the players of such a situation.

There are many other changes and upgrades expected in the new Eve Online Odyssey Expansion and one can only hope all new features are for the better and to make the experience an even more enticing one.

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