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ESO Templar Guide – Overview of Skills, Leveling Tips and More

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Templar Guide

The Templar is yet another one of the 4 different classes that are available for players to use in The Elder Scrolls Online. This class is designed to be able to dish out a decent amount of damage (making it somewhat effective in a DPS role) but also has access to a variety of skills that buff and heal allies making it useful as a Healer or Support role. The Templar class is the only one in ESO that has a skill line dedicated to healing.

ESO Templar Guide

Templar Class Skills

The Templar has 3 different skills lines that players can assign points to during progression. These are:

  • Aedric Spear
  • Dawn’s Wrath
  • Restoring Light

Each of these skill trees contains a variety of abilities with different functions and capabilities. Progressing any of these lines will determine what role your character will be best suited for. The majority of the Templar skills are associated with ranged attacks, magic-based damage, and healing.

Below we provided a much more detailed summary of each skill line. These summaries explain what each line is best used for and reveals the skills & abilities found in them.

Elder Scrolls Online Templar Guide

Aedric Spear Tree

The Aedric Spear skill line is one that focuses on providing the Templar with a variety of short range attacks that deal magic-based damage but there are also a few abilities that give the class protection as well. A few skills also have associated Morph Abilities.

Here are all of the abilities found within this skill tree:

  • Radial Sweep (Ultimate Ability) – Sweeps a conjured weapon in a large arc that hits all enemies within melee distance and deals magic damage to them.
  • Puncturing Strikes (Active) – A combo attack that strikes enemies directly in front of your character 4 times and the final hit will knock back the enemy closest to you.
  • Biting Jabs (Morph Ability from Puncturing Strikes) – Increases your crit hit chances against enemies left with low health after the strikes attack.
  • Puncturing Sweep (Morph Ability from PS) – The area of your attack becomes bigger.
  • Piercing Javelin (Active) – Your character throws a spear that causes damage to an enemy and knocks them back.
  • Aurora Javelin (Morph Ability from PJ) – The damage output of your attack is increased based on the distance between you and the enemy.
  • Binding Javelin (Morph Ability from PJ) – Increases the length of time that the enemy is knocked down.
  • Focused Charge (Active) – Charges at an enemy, interrupts them, and stuns them for a short time. This also causes magic damage against your target.
  • Spear Shards (Active) – Casts magic damage against all foes within the designated area, leaves one enemy temporarily disoriented, and gives allies the chance to gather shards which temporarily grants them a bonus to Stamina.
  • Sun Shield (Active) – Creates a shield that absorbs damage. The strength of the shield is determined by your character’s overall max health. The shield will also cause damage to nearby enemies upon activation. As long as the shield is active your character will not regenerate Magicka.
  • Piercing Spear (Passive) – Increases the overall crit hit chances of your character. Also causes extra damage against enemies that are blocking whenever your player uses a spear-based skill.
  • Spear Wall (Passive) – Increases the amount of damage that your character can block as long as you have at least one spear skill slotted.
  • Burning Light (Passive) – Increases your chances of dealing extra damage whenever you use a spear-based skill.
  • Balanced Warrior (Passive) – Slightly increases your player’s outgoing weapon damage and spell resistance.

Overall this particular Templar skills line is meant for those that want to execute close range melee and magic attacks. Basically it’s sort of meant for DPS. Maybe it’s not as great as the Dragonknight in that respect but it does ample damage up close.

ESO Templar Class

Dawn’s Wrath Tree

The Dawn’s Wrath skill line has a unique combination of abilities that deal damage, create DoT (damage over time) effects, debuff enemies, and more. These abilities can be pretty useful.

Here are all of the skills found within the Templar’s Dawn’s Wrath tree:

  • Nova (Ultimate Ability) – Summons a mini Sun at designated location that reduces the outgoing damage of all enemies and deals damage to them over time. While this ability is active allies are capable of activating the Supernova synergy which deals damage and stuns all foes within the target area.
  • Sun Fire (Active) – Your player throws a white-hot projectile at a single target which snares the enemy for a few seconds, deals direct damage, and also causes a DoT effect.
  • Vampire’s Bane (Morph Ability from SF) – Increases the total damage output of the DoT effect.
  • Reflective Light (Morph Ability from SF) – Causes the ability to hit multiple targets instead of just one.
  • Solar Flare (Active) – Causes direct damage to a single enemy as well as enemies nearby. Any enemy affected by the flare will also take extra damage from the next attack that hits them.
  • Backlash (Active) – Interesting skill that builds up incoming damage taken by your player and once the effect is over it hits enemies with base damage plus all of the stored up damage you took while the skill was active.
  • Eclipse (Active) – Reflects all single target spells thrown at your character back onto the caster. Using this skill repeatedly will cause it to cost more each time, though.
  • Blinding Light (Active) – Temporarily blinds enemies causing their attacks to miss your player. Occasionally this will also cause the enemy to go off-balance due to their missed attack.
  • Enduring Rays (Passive) – Increases the overall duration of all Dawn’s Wrath abilities.
  • Prism (Passive) – Provides extra Ultimate for your player each time you use a Dawn’s Wrath skill.
  • Illuminate (Passive) – Reduces the overall damage your player takes from enemies that are affected by any of your Dawn’s Wrath based skills.
  • Restoring Spirit (Passive) – Restores a bit of the player’s Magicka each time a skill is activated.

Overall this particular Templar skills line is designed to allow the player to play a semi-DPS role while at range. It doesn’t have a ton of range but it’s definitely more than the previously mentioned skill tree.

ESO Imperial Templar

Restoring Light Tree

The Restoring Light skill line is the holy grail of this class. This tree is exactly what it’s mostly recommended to use the Templar class in ESO as a Healer above all else. This tree consists of a lot of different heals and ally buffs. Healers are a very in-demand class when it comes to dungeons and the upcoming trials in Elder Scrolls Online, too.

Here are all of the abilities that are found in the Restoring Light tree:

  • Rite of Passage (Ultimate Ability) – Provides a total of 11 healing per 1/2 second for a total of 4 seconds to all nearby allies. While channeling this particular skill you can’t move your character. This ability is unlocked once you have progressed the Restoring Light skill line to level 12.
  • Rushed Ceremony (Active) – Provides a total of 33 healing to one nearby ally that is down in health.
  • Honor the Dead (Morph Ability from RC) – Also partially restores Magicka if your character heals allies with low health.
  • Breath of Life (Morph Ability from RC) – Provides healing for up to 3 different allies.
  • Healing Ritual (Active) – Provides a total of 22 healing to nearby allies. Also heals your own player for an extra 30%.
  • Restoring Aura (Active) – Increases your player’s overall health and stamina regen. Once the skill is activated it also increases the health and stamina regen of nearby allies by 80%. This effect lasts for a total of 6 seconds.
  • Cleansing Ritual (Active) – Removes one debuff from your player. Over the course of 12 seconds this skill also provides 2 healing every 2 seconds to nearby allies. While this ability is active allies can also activate Purify which gets rid of all debuffs and provides 16 healing.
  • Rune Focus (Active) – Produces a safe area of protection for your player for a duration of 12 seconds. It also increases your overall Armor rating and Spell Resistance rating by 25 while active.
  • Mending (Passive) – Whenever your player casts a Restoring Light skill your allies will be given a bonus 15% chance to get crit hits. This chance also goes up for allies with low health.
  • Focused Healing (Passive) – Increases your overall healing power by 15% on allies within the areas of protection that are formed by the Rite of Passage, Rune Focus, and Cleansing Ritual abilities.
  • Light Weaver (Passive) – Increases the duration of the Restoring Aura skill by 10%, reduces the total cost of the Healing Ritual skill by 10%, and provides your character with an additional 13 Armor and 13 Spell Resistance while your player is channeling the Rite of Passage ability.
  • Master Ritualist (Passive) – Increases your overall resurrection speed by 20%. Allies affected will be resurrected with 50% more health than normal. This ability also gives you a 50% chance to get a soul gem after resurrecting an ally.

As you can tell this particular Templar skills line is the ultimate Healer tree. Nearly every ability casts healing for you or your allies while also buffing your character or allies. This makes this the perfect Healer class in ESO.

Templar Leveling Guide

Leveling the Templar class is much the same as other classes. Your best bet is to go around and pick up every quest you can find and complete them all. These provide generous amounts of experience and gold. Another good way is to run dungeons. It should be easy to locate a group for dungeons especially if you choose to play as a healer because there always people looking to pick up a Healer for their dungeon run group.

ESO Templar Leveling Guide

There are a variety of other ways to raise your level, though. Be sure to read over our Elder Scrolls Online leveling guide to learn about the fastest ways to rack up experience and reach level 50 and beyond.

Templar Weaponry

As with every other class in ESO you’ll be able to use whatever weapons you want with the Templar. The ones that typically work best, though, are two-handed swords or axes or, to protect yourself and still deal damage one of the best options is to go with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. This way you can build up blocking skills and still inflict damage with melee attacks.

If you decide that you want to use your Templar as a Healer you will definitely want to invest in getting a Restoration staff. If you do this you’ll also want to contribute most of your skill points to the Restoring Light skill tree and to building up your overall Magicka.

Templar Armor

Pretty much no matter what role you choose to play with the Templar the best armor to use for it will almost always be Light armor. This is because full sets of light armor will provide your player with bonuses in Magicka and increase your overall Magicka pool. If you choose to be more of a melee warrior with this class you’ll probably want to wear heavy armor, though.

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