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ESO Sorcerer Guide – Overview of Skills, Leveling Tips and More

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Sorcerer Guide

The Sorcerer is the primary mage-based class found in The Elder Scrolls Online. Unlike the other ESO classes this one is mostly designed to be used as a ranged DPS, summoner, or support based build. Sorcerers are able to conjure up all kinds of magic attacks including lightning bolts and dark forces. On top of that they can also summon creatures to fight at their side or even call in advanced armor.

ESO Sorcerer Guide

Sorcerer Class Skills

Players that elect to play as a Sorcerer in ESO will have access to 3 unique skill lines. These are:

  • Storm Calling
  • Dark Magic
  • Daedric Summoning

Each of these skill trees has different abilities. Progressing into each one will slightly change your player’s abilities and also their role in combat. Below we’ve provided a detailed breakdown of each skill line.

Storm Calling Tree

The Storm Calling skill line consists of several lightning-based spell attacks that do a variety of things including deal shock damage, buff your character, and stun foes. Progressing this tree will mold your player into a decent mage DPS character.

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Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer

Here are all of the abilities found within the tree:

  • Overload (Ultimate Ability) – A special attack mode that can turned on or off. While active all light or heavy based attacks are replaced with upgraded versions that use up Ultimate when used.
  • Mage’s Fury (Active) – A lightning spell that deals shock damage against an enemy plus casts a debuff on them that makes the foe explode. If the enemy has low health this attack will cause extra damage.
  • Lightning Form (Active) – A two-phase lightning spell that engulfs your character in electric currents that increase your overall damage reduction and also deal shock damage against foes in close proximity.
  • Lightning Splash (Active) – A DoT electric attack that hits multiple targets with shock damage every second. Affects enemies within a certain radius. While this skill is active ally players have the ability to activate the Conduit synergy, too.
  • Surge (Active) – Increases your character’s overall Power for a short time.
  • Bolt Escape (Active) – Your player will Teleport directly forward and stun nearby foes.
  • Capacitor (Passive) – Increases the overall Magicka regen of your player.
  • Energized (Passive) – Increases the overall damage output of all lightning-based spells.
  • Disintegrate (Passive) – With this ability slotted all of your lightning spells will have a chance of disintegrating enemies that have low amounts of health.
  • Expert Mage (Passive) – Reduces the overall Magicka cost of all lightning abilities.

As you can see this particular Sorcerer skills line is all about dealing raw magic damage. There are a few buffs and debuffs thrown in the mix but most of these abilities are meant to give you pure DPS.

Dark Magic Tree

The Dark Magic skill line is a rather interesting one. It has an ample number of debuffs and crowd control abilities but also provides your player with a few useful buffs as well. Generally speaking this makes your character more capable of dealing with multiple targets at once.

Here are all of the abilities that are found in the Dark Magic tree:

  • Negate Magic (Ultimate Ability) – Completely disrupts all magical effects within a specified area that are cast by enemies for 8 seconds. Any foe that attempts to cast a spell within the created field will be silenced and stunned.
  • Absorption Field (Morph Ability from NM) – Increases the duration of the magic dispel field plus restores 12% of Health and Magicka each time a dispel occurs so long as your player is in the field.
  • Suppression Field (Ultimate Ability) – Dispels enemy effects within the field area for 9.5 seconds, silences enemies, and stuns any monsters within close proximity. While active any ally that is within the field will also gain +32 Spell Resistance.
  • Crystal Shard (Active) – Deals a total of 29 Magic Damage to a single target and also knocks the target down for a duration of 2 seconds.
  • Encase (Active) – Summons shards up from the ground that immobilize enemies.
  • Repulse (Active) – Knocks back and snares enemies for a few seconds.
  • Rune Prison (Active) – Traps a target within a prison that disorients the enemy. Enemies trapped within the prison also receive extra health regen, though.
  • Dark Exchange (Active) – Your player will channel dark magic that partially restores your Health and Magicka but depletes your Stamina.
  • Daedric Mines (Active) – Your player will call in 3 mines that, once armed, will explode dealing damage and immobilizing any foe that comes in contact with them.
  • Unholy Knowledge (Passive) – Slightly reduces the cost of Magicka and Stamina for all skills.
  • Blood Magic (Passive) – Any time you hit a target with a Dark Magic ability your player will receive healing.
  • Persistence (Passive) – Slightly increases the overall duration of all Dark Magic based spells.
  • Exploitation (Passive) – Increases your chances of getting a crit hit against enemies that you have struck with Dark Magic attacks.

Overall this Sorcerer skills tree provides you with loads of different debuffs and crowd control abilities.

ESO Sorcerer

Daedric Summoning Tree

As the name suggests, the Daedric Summoning skill line is mostly based around summoning various creatures to fight for you but also to summon magic armor and provide buffs to your player. This makes the Sorcerer class well suited for ranged DPS.

Here are all of the skills you’ll have access to within this tree:

  • Summon Storm Atronach (Ultimate Ability) – Your player calls in a Storm Atronach at a designated spot. The creature can’t move but causes nearby foes to become stunned and be hit with shock damage. The Atronach itself is able to deal magic damage via lightning spells and has a considerable amount of health.
  • Unstable Familiar (Active) – Your player will summon a Daedric Familiar to attack your foes. While this creature is alive your overall Magicka will be slightly less.
  • Daedric Curse (Active) – Casts a curse upon a single target. Once the curse is over any enemy nearby will take damage.
  • Summon Winged Twilight (Active) – Your player will summon a Winged Twilight to fight for him/her. Same as the Familiar, your Magicka is reduced slightly while the creature is alive.
  • Bound Armor (Active) – Your player will call in magical armor that, when active, increases your player’s overall Armor rating but reduces your Magicka regen.
  • Conjured Ward (Active) – Forms a damage absorbing shield around your character and any summoned creatures you have on the field.
  • Rebate (Passive) – Each time one of your summoned creatures is killed you’ll receive Magicka.
  • Power Stone (Passive) – Slightly reduces the cost of all of your Ultimate abilities.
  • Daedric Protection (Passive) – As long as you have a summon ability slotted your player’s overall health regen is increased.
  • Expert Summoner (Passive) – Gives your summoned creatures buffs. The Storm Atronach will have increased range. The Daedric Familiar will have increased movement speed. The total duration of the Winged Twilight will be longer.

This Sorcerer skills line gives you the ability to sit back away from the action and hit enemies with ranged weapon attacks while your summoned creatures perform melee and magic attacks. Works well for kiting enemies and reducing the amount of damage your player takes.

ESO Sorcerer Leveling Guide

Just like all of the other classes in ESO players that use the Sorcerer will be subject to either grinding out enemy kills (which is slow and rather ineffective) or completing quests when it comes to leveling. Finishing quests, especially main story ones, will give you a ton of XP which will help you level up much faster in The Elder Scrolls Online than almost anything else.

ESO Sorcerer Leveling Guide

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Sorcerer Weaponry

In most cases the absolute best weapon to use for a character that is made as the Sorcerer class is a Destruction staff. The majority of your attacks and general skills are based around spells and summons so a Destruction staff just makes sense. You can, however, keep a melee based weapon (such as a sword or dagger) on your quickslot in case you need to deal some fast, up-close damage.

Sorcerer Armor

Because nearly all of your abilities involve using some sort of magic the best armor sets to equip on your Sorcerer will always be Light Armor sets. Why? Because they provide bonuses to your overall Magicka regeneration plus reduce the cost of your cast spells. This works even better if you can either buy or craft enchanted gear which will provide you with even more boosts to Magicka.

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