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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) – How to Reset Skill Points to Respec

Bored or disappointed with your current character build in The Elder Scrolls Online? No worries. Luckily the game does provide a rather easy way to respec your player without too much hassle. Because you’re able to use any weapon or armor type with any class in the game there are thousands of different ESO builds you can experiment with. Resetting your skill points and attributes will allow you to try out different builds from time to time.

ESO: Reset Skills Points and Attributes


As mentioned above, resetting your skill points is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is locate what is known as a Rededication Shrine. These shrines will allow you to respec your character instantly. The only setback is that it does cost a bit of gold. The amount of gold you’ll have to pay varies depending on what level you are and how many skill points you’ve acquired.

ESO How to Reset Skills and Respec

At these shrines there are typically 3 different options. You can choose to reset your skills, reset your attributes, or get married (we’ll touch on this one more later).

ESO Rededication Shrine Locations

ESO Rededication Shrines


So where are these wondrous shrines that allow you to respec? Well, there’s only 1 skill shrine and 1 attribute shrine for each of the 3 alliances in the game. These are:

  • Shrine to Stendarr – For Aldmeri Dominion players. Located in the Elden Root portion of Grahtwood. Allows reset of skills.
  • Shrine to Auriel – For Aldmeri Dominion players. Also found in Elder Root. Allows reset of attributes.
  • Shrine to Stuhn – For Ebonheart Pact players. Located in the Mournhold portion of Deshaan. Allows skill reset.
  • Shrine to Kyne – For Ebonheart Pact players. Also found in Mournhold. Allows attribute reset.
  • Shrine to Stendarr – For Daggerfall Covenant players. Located in Wayrest portion of Stormhaven. Allows skill reset.
  • Shrine to Akatosh – For Daggerfall Covenant players. Also found in Wayrest. Allows attributes reset.

These shrines are all found in mid-level zones so it’s recommended that you be at least level 20-25 before getting there.

P.S. – If you’re wanting to play around with your build and find out what works best BEFORE resetting you should definitely use an ESO build calculator to get a feel for the build before paying gold to finalize your selection.

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