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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Fishing Guide

Want to take a break from slaying monsters in PvE content? Or maybe you need something to clear your mind after getting your ass handed to you in PvP? Either way, fishing in The Elder Scrolls Online is a relaxing and enjoyable way to pass time in-game. Using this underutilized skill players are able to whip out a fishing rod, drop a line in a body of water, and catch various types of fish.

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Fishing Guide


The only bad thing about fishing in ESO is that it serves little purpose aside from awarding a few achievements and just being something else to do besides grind out quests, kill baddies, or craft. But it’s still an interesting and rewarding past-time for any Tamriel adventurer.

ESO Fishing Guide

Fishing Spots

All throughout Tamriel you’ll find a variety of different fishing spots. They are designated as a “fishing hole” and often are rustling with activity (water moving and popping).

ESO Fishing Hole


There are 4 different bodies of water where fishing spots can be found:

  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Ocean
  • Foul Water

The first 3 are pretty self-explanatory. Foul Water, on the other hand, is defined as being places where you would assume the water is polluted or just plain nasty. This includes swamps, sewers, and so on. Surprisingly these areas do still provide spots to fish in.

How to Go Fishing in ESO

Fishing is incredibly simple in this game. Your character is already equipped with a fishing pole (which doesn’t take up any inventory space, by the way) that can be used at any fishing spot.

The only thing you really need to is acquire bait to use. Bait is easy to get, too. You can get some bait types by catching certain fish while other baits can be obtained by killing small land creatures (like those little level 1 critters that pose no threat whatsoever).

ESO Fishing


Once you have everything you need you simply need to find a fishing hole. Once there you just have to hit the ‘E’ key on your keyboard to cast your line. After that it’s just a waiting game. Watch the bobber and as soon as it drops below the water and you here the noise, reel it in to catch the fish.


ESO Fishing Bait


Currently there are 9 different bait types in Elder Scrolls Online. These are:

  • Worms (Salt Water bait)
  • Insect Parts (River bait)
  • Crawlers (Foul Water bait)
  • Guts (Lake bait)
  • Fish Roe (Foul Water bait)
  • Minnow (Lake bait)
  • Chub (Salt Water bait)
  • Chad (River bait)
  • Simple Bait (any)

Worms, crawlers, guts, and inspect parts are by far the easiest baits to get and they cover all four water types, too. Worms can be obtained by gathering plants that provide mats for Clothing or Alchemy and also from killing zombies. Crawlers often drop from small bugs and monster such as spiders. Guts can be obtained by killing rabbits or chickens. And insect parts are easily gotten by killing butterflies or torch bugs.


As of right now there are 8 standard fish types that can be caught at fishing holes. These are:

  • Silverside Perch (Lake)
  • Spadetail (Lake)
  • Betty (River)
  • Salmon (River)
  • Slaughterfish (Foul Water)
  • Trodh (Foul Water)
  • Dhufish (Salt Water)
  • Longfin (Salt Water)

Each of these species of fish can be sold to a merchant for 3 gold each. It’s definitely not an effective method of making gold but it’s still fun!

There are also rare fish that can be caught in each of the major regions of Elder Scrolls Online. These fish are very rarely seen. There are 12 rare fish per region (3 for each body of water) and catching all of them will award you with achievements.

Fishing Achievements

As mentioned above, you can earn achievements by fishing in ESO. Each achievement requires catching all of the fish types within a specific area or catching every rare fish altogether.

Here is the complete list of achievements for fishing:

  1. Covenant Fisherman – Requires unlocking the Alik’r Angler, Banglorai Angler, Glenumbra Angler, Rivenspire Angler, and Stormhaven Angler achievements.
  2. Alik’r Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Alik’r region.
  3. Banglorai Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Banglorai region.
  4. Glenumbra Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Glenumbra region.
  5. Rivenspire Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Rivenspire region.
  6. Stormhaven Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Stormhaven region.
  7. Stros Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Stros region.
  8. Dominion Fisherman – Requires unlocking the Auridon Angler, Grahtwood Angler, Greenshade Angler, Malabal Tor Angler, and Reaper’s March Angler achievements.
  9. Auridon Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Auridon region.
  10. Grahtwood Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Grahtwood region.
  11. Greenshade Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Greenshade region.
  12. Malabal Tor Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Malabal Tor region.
  13. Reaper’s March Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Reaper’s March region.
  14. Roost Angler – Catch the Pyandonean Ray.
  15. Pact Fisherman – Requires unlocking the Deshaan Angler, Eastmarch Angler, Rift Angler, Shadowfen Angler, and Stonefalls Angler achievements.
  16. Deshaan Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Deshaan region.
  17. Eastmarch Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Eastmarch region.
  18. Rift Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Rift region.
  19. Shadowfen Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Shadowfen region.
  20. Stonefalls Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Stonefalls region.
  21. Bleakrock Angler – Catch the Inner Sea Scalyfin
  22. Cyrodiil Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Cyrodiil region.
  23. Coldharbour Angler – Catch all 12 rare fish types in the Coldharbour region.
  24. Fisher King (Master Angler) – Unlock all fishing achievements.

You can keep track of everything you’re unlocking by navigating to the achievements tab in your journal.

For a full guide, plus leveling tips, awesome builds, and more, get this awesome Elder Scrolls Online guide.

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