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ESO Classes – Overview of the 4 Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Classes Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online, much like any other MMO out there, will feature a total of 4 different classes in-game. These will server only as base classes, though, because, unlike most MMORPGs, players in ESO will not be limited to playing a single role. The 4 primary classes are best designed to be used in specific roles but by simply swapping out equipment (armor & weapons) any player can make any play any role (DPS, tank, healer, etc) using any profession.

ESO Classes


The 4 classes players will be able to select from are:

Each class has a unique set of skills designed to help players fit into a role whether it being dealing a ton of damage, hitting enemies with ranged attacks, or providing support & healing for allies. Again, this is true but by simply changing the equipment on your character you can easily change your role or even make your player a hybrid of some sort.

Dragon Knight is primarily a warrior-type DPS-style class. Nightblade is a stealth-based assassin class. The Templar most closely resembles a Paladin class in that it is designed mostly for healing. The Sorcerer, as the name implies, is a magic-based class that can be used for ranged damage or crowd control.

All classes are capable of using every armor and weapon type available in the game. It doesn’t matter if these items are generally made for typical MMO classes or not. Any player can equip light, medium, or heavy armor types, and can also use any weapon.

YouTube user RookNova has a great video that gives a short summary of what each of the ESO classes is capable of:


NOTE: Keep in mind that, in most cases, MMOs don’t allow you to change your class after you’ve started your character. If you start playing and think that the class you picked doesn’t fit your playing style you’ll probably want to begin a new character as soon as possible rather than continuing on with your current one. This will remain true unless Zenimax decides to allow players to change classes while progressing.

Class Details

If you’d like to learn more about each individual class we recommend checking out our overview of each one (simply click the class name listed above). This will provide you with more information such as the various skills and capabilities each profession has. If any of this information changes upon the release date or anytime after we will update the pages to reflect the changes.

Also be sure to check out this in-depth Elder Scrolls Online guide for tips and tricks on how to master each of the ESO classes, how to level them up fast, how to make OP builds with each one, and more.




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