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Defiance: Scrapper Investigation Pursuit Guide

One of the objectives you have to complete for the Enemy Group pursuits is called Scrapper Investigation. This goal requires that you kill 4 different species of Scrapper and also complete a minor Scrapper Arkfall. This enemy type seems to be pretty uncommon, especially in the beginning stages of the game. In most cases, players will only encounter mutants, Raiders, and 99ers early on.

Completing the Scrapper Investigation Pursuit Goal

Here are the requirements to complete the Scrapper Investigation:

  • Kill a Nanite
  • Kill a Mongrel
  • Kill a Helibot
  • Kill an Omnivolt
  • Complete 1 Scrapper Arkfall (minor)

About the Scappers

Scrapper Omnivolt

Scrapper Omnivolt

Srappers are almost like the robotic adaptations of the Hell Bugs. They come in packs and have very similar sub-species. The Mongrels are a lot like the Skitterlings, only they are slightly stronger and seem to have slightly improved AI. The Nanites are tiny, easy to kill miniatures of the Mongrels. Be warned, though, a large group of Nanites can take you down quick. They are ferocious when in bigger groups together.

Scrapper Omnivolts are much larger than the rest of their kin. They are more along the size of a human and have pretty tough armor. They can also inflict a good bit more damage. Scrapper Helibots are quite a nuisance, too. They are similar to the flying Hell Bugs that launch those sticky grenade-like blobs at you only Helibots fire at you with light machine guns.

One type of Scrapper that isn’t on the objective list is the Forger. These guys are huge robots that come at you with flamethrowers. They have tons of health and can deal loads of damage to your player if you get too close.

One of the best areas to encounter Scrappers, if you so happen to be tracking them down, is right before and across the Golden Gate Bridge Ruins area. Before the bridge you’ll encounter some small packs that mainly consist of Mongrels and Nanites. It’s once you get across the bridge that you’ll find the bigger ones.

NOTE: You CAN NOT go across the bridge before completing certain acts of the main storyline. There is a ginormous, mechanical beast that blocks the way known as a Dark Matter Monolith. This enemy is UN-KILLABLE before you reach it in the story missions. But it can and WILL kill you very quickly if you get too close to the bridge. It fires a powerful laser that can quickly and easily kill your player in just 1 or 2 shots.

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