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Defiance: Mount Tam Exploration Pursuit Guide

There are tons of things to do in Defiance that will net you experience, Scrip, new guns, and even weapon mods. But one of the most rewarding things to complete is a Pursuit. Pursuits aren’t just a one-objective mission like your quests and other things like challenges. Instead, they are full lists of objectives including things like exploring the world, completing primary missions, taking on side missions, and earning certain medals in challenges.

In Season 1 alone, there are over 100 different Pursuits that players can complete. They span across different map areas and include a variety of tasks. For every Pursuit a player completes, they will receive an increase to their EGO rating. Some of these also give you unique items like new outfits and in-game titles.

Defiance Mount Tam Exploration
Getting Started

The starting area of Defiance, Mount Tam, has a relatively easy-to-complete set of Pursuits available for players. There are 6 different tiers to it:

  • Mount Tam Exploration
  • Mount Tam Exploration II
  • Mount Tam Exploration III
  • Mount Tam Exploration IV
  • The Truth Behind Tranquility
  • Mount Tam Recon

The first tier of Mount Tam Exploration is by far the easiest. Players simply need to discover different areas of the map to complete it. Those areas include:

  • Sniper Ridge
  • North Radio Tower
  • Kinship Plaza
  • KTAM Radio Station
  • South Radio Tower
  • East Radio Tower
  • Accord Medical Clinic
  • Delta Bunker East
  • Delta Bunker West
  • Serenity Academy

There are two ways you can go about finding these locations. You can either follow the story line and complete the main missions (this will reveal a few of them) and also complete side missions (helps in finding the Radio Tower and Bunker locations) or you can simply drive around the entire map, discovering them as you come across them.

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Sniper Ridge

Sniper Ridge is a small base located atop a mountain-side. It’s probably the easiest place to find because it’s directly across the road from a major E-Rep base you’re introduced to pretty early on. You simply need to get close to it to discover the location. It’s near Tranquility Road in the Bay Area of Mount Tam.

If you choose to take on the mission there, you’ll need to take down a few mutant snipers that are perched on the base’s wall, plus some mutant rifleman within the base. You’ll also place explosives on equipment crates to get rid of their supplies. Once you’ve placed all explosives and they’ve all gone off you’ll also have to kill a mutant grenadier (a big, blue guy with a grenade launcher).

North, South, and East Radio Towers

Finding the radio towers is actually a part of a side mission that you can pick up. They are generally found off of the dirt roads on the outer perimeters of the Bay Area.

Kinship Plaza

During the main missions of the story line you’ll be sent here. It is believed to be a possible location of Karl Von Bach after the crash. It is full of mutants, especially elite shotgunners and rifleman. It is best to take these guys out swiftly and from a distance. Remember to go for headshots to deal critical damage to kill them off faster.

KTAM Radio Station

This is an old broadcasting area that used to be home to the K-TAM 94 FM radio station. You will find this naturally by completing the main missions because one of them, titled “We’re on the Air”, requires you to travel there to reactive the station for military use. On your map, it is located East of the “Draw the Line” Rampage marker, off the main road.

Accord Medical Clinic

This used to be the EMC medical facility for both humans and votans who lived in Tranquility. It has since been run down and infested with mutants. It is found in the Accord Neighborhood just beyond the Pacific Gate. It is no longer occupied with EMC soldiers, instead you’ll have to watch out primarily for cleavers and riflemen in this area.

Delta Bunker East & West

Delta Bunker East and West are found while completing the main missions. During the mission titled “Into the Depths” you’ll have to go to these locations, go underground into the West bunker itself along with Cass, and find your boss, Von Bach. There are plenty of enemies inside including mutant rifleman, grenadiers, mutant cleavers, and other baddies to take care of.

Serenity Academy

This location used to be the pinnacle of education for the Tranquility society (the attempt to have both humans and votans living together in harmony). It was destroyed and overrun with mutant soldiers not long after the Pale Wars occurred. It is found nearly directly west from Bloodbath Gorge. Here you will have to kill off riflemen, mini-gunners, cleavers, and various other mutant forms.

Once you’ve discovered all of the locations mentioned above you’ll be awarded with general experience points, a 5 point boost to your EGO rating, and various other rewards. This is the first and easiest pursuit to complete in Defiance.

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