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Defiance Leveling Guide: Rank Up & Raise EGO Fast

Defiance (the game) is finally upon us! Today, April 2nd, 2013, is the official release date of Trion Worlds MMO-shooter. This game is by far one of the most interesting third-person shooters to hit PC and consoles in quite some time. While the beta had some minor flaws, the official release build seems to be doing just fine. Players are logged into the servers and beginning their quest to become the ultimate Ark Hunter. Wanna know how to level your character and raise your EGO rating fast? Check out the tips below we give in our full Defiance guide to leveling.

1. Complete Storyline Missions

A lot of MMO players tend to skip the story of most games and head straight out to level, craft, play in PvP, or what have you. But, in Defiance, this is a very easy and effective way to earn experience and level your character. The missions mainly consist of going into areas to help NPCs, kill mutants / hell bugs / raiders or other enemies, obtain certain items, and a variety of other tasks. Most missions offer players rewards in the form of XP, Scrip, and, sometimes, a new weapon.

Story missions are designated on your map by an exclamation mark inside of a box.

2. Complete Side Missions

Side missions are just smaller versions of the storyline quests. In these you get the chance to earn extra experience and Scrip by completing tasks such as activating radio towers, clear out hellbug infestations, securing medical supplies, and other short, simple objectives.

Side missions are designated on your map by an exclamation mark inside of a orange diamond.

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3. Complete Challenges

Challenges in Defiance come in a few different varieties: Time Trails, Rampages, Emergencies, etc. In these you are actually trying to prove your worth as an Ark Hunter by competing against the scores of other online players. The top scores are awarded with a gold, silver, or bronze medal, and also a set of rewards including XP, Scrip, Ark Salvage, and even weapon mods. These can be difficult because they do require you to either do things very quickly or kill a bunch of enemies without dying, so it may take a few tries to earn a medal but it is well worth it.

Time Trials mainly consist of driving challenges. Some ask that you get to certain areas in the world in a set amount of time while others ask that you reach certain checkpoints as quickly as possible to set new speed records. These challenges are designated on your map by a clock-like symbol inside of an orange diamond.

Rampages, on the other hand, ask the player to use a specific weapon to kill a horde of enemies (including hellbugs, mutants, raiders, or any other enemy in the game). The more kills you get the higher your score climbs. Get enough score on the board and you’ll earn a medal which will, in turn, reward you with XP, Scrip, Ark Salvage, and a chance to get a weapon mod, too. This challenge type is indicated on your map by a flame symbol inside of an orange diamond.

How to Raise Your EGO Rating

Your EGO rating is an overall assessment of the power of your Environmental Guardian Online device. Nearly everything you do contributes to your overall rating. As you raise your EGO you’ll unlock EGO points which can be used to upgrade your skills and improve your EGO powers.

The main thing to do to raise your EGO level is complete pursuits. A pursuit consists of multiple tasks that an Ark Hunter must complete. Once all of the tasks within the Pursuit are completed the player is rewarded with an increase to the overall EGO rating.

While in-game, bring up your menu and head over to the “Goals” section. This is where you’ll find the different Pursuits that are available. Currently, the game is on season 1 so only pursuits from that season will be available right now. The Pursuits for Mount Tam, for example, include things like exploring the world, completing side quests, and earning certain medals in challenges.

With each tier more tasks are added. In tier 1 of Mount Tam, for example, the player simply needs to discover the following areas to complete the first pursuit:

  • Sniper Ridge
  • North Radio Tower
  • Kinship Plaza
  • KTAM Radio Station
  • South Radio Tower
  • East Radio Tower
  • Accord Medical Clinic
  • Delta Bunker East
  • Serenity Academy
  • Delta Bunker West

Once the above locations are discovered you will get an additional 5 points added to your Ark Hunter’s overall EGO rating for completing the entire Pursuit. Currently, in season 1, there are a total of 104 Pursuits to complete. There are multiple Pursuits available for each major map area, co-op play, Arkfalls, competitive multiplayer, EGO evolution, general combat, vehicles, building your reputation, and participating in social activities.

We will be going over each pursuit type over the next few weeks in detail to help make sure players are able to level their characters quickly and easily. We’ll provide tips and hints for completing missions, arkfalls, and much much more. We also have a whole segment coming up on Defiance competitive multiplayer.

That’s about it. Hope this Defiance guide to increasing your EGO and experience helped you out!

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