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Defiance In-Depth: Weapon Modding Guide

A lot of the weapons you end up looting or purchasing from vendors in Defiance are pretty standard guns. Some, including a few of the assault rifles and light machine guns, have a few poor qualities such as low damage or high recoil. These stats can be helped a bit by leveling the weapon type but another way to improve their performance is via the process of weapon modding.

NOTE: You must have an EGO rating of at least 100 to be able to apply modifications to your weapons.

About Mods

Weapon mods are the core of customization in Defiance. There are TONS of them available. They do things like add DoT (damage over time) effects – such as a burn or electric shock -, improve the accuracy of the weapon, add more damage points to each shot, and other things. Because the of the huge plethora of weapons and mods you can do a ton of experimenting with these to create multiple loadouts that compliment your personal playing style.

There are 4 primary mod types: Barrel, Magazine, Sight, and Stock.

Barrel mods typically upgrade the amount of damage a weapon can deal or its critical hit chance. Magazine mods increase the amount of ammo the weapon can hold. Sights are advanced scopes that can attach to your guns that give boosts to the overall accuracy of the weapon. Stock mods can be used to decrease the amount of recoil a gun has or increase the amount of melee damage you deal when using it.

You can get mods by either completing side missions in PvE, by purchasing them from a vendor, or by earning them in other events such as Arkfalls, Rampages, Time Trials, etc. But having them is essential. Modded weapons are far better than stock ones. You can greatly increase your damage, accuracy, crit chances, and more through the use of modifications.

NOTE: You can gain extra stat boosts by having full sets of mods (referred to as Synergy in-game). Some of the mods required to earn the Synergy bonuses can be purchased from vendors but most of them are obtained by purchasing a Synergy Mod Cache from Lockbox vendors.

Modding Weapons

The actual process of modding a weapon involves using the Salvage Matrix.

Defiance Salvage Matrix

Salvage Matrix


There are a few different things you can do in the Salvage Matrix to your guns. These include:

  • “Breakdown to Resources” – Allows you to select an item in your inventory to destroy and convert to Ark Salvage (a currency you’ll need to add mods and other upgrades to your weapons).
  • “Attach Mods” – Allows the player to select a mod cache within their inventory and apply it to a weapon with an open mod slot.
  • “Remove Mods” – This allows the player to take an already modded gun and strip it of mods. This should be a last resort option because any mods attached to the weapon are lost forever with this process.
  • “Retrieve Mods” – This option allows players to take an already modded weapon and strip the mods from it. This completely destroys the weapon but gives the player any mods that were attached to it.
  • “Add Mod Slots” – This option is only available for weapons that can be upgraded to have another mod slot. If the weapon already has the maximum number of slots you won’t be able to use this.
Defiance Attaching Mods to Weapons

Attaching Mods to Weapons

This is essentially the “crafting” aspect of Defiance.

Mod Rarities

Each mod is placed into a rarity category. In the game the rarity of the mod can be determined by the color of the font its name is written in. Here is a basic breakdown:

  • White – Super Common
  • Green – Common
  • Blue – Uncommon
  • Purple – Rare
  • Orange – Legendary
Defiance Mods

Level 1 (Super Common) Mods

As one would assume, the more common mods are usually pretty junk and not worth keeping. But you can sell these or break them down (using the Breakdown to Resources option in the Salvage Matrix) for Scrip or Ark Salvage. Usually you’ll get about 250 for white mods, 500 for green, 750 for blue, 1000 for purple, and 1250 for orange mods.

To learn the fastest ways to earn tons of Scrip, get the best weapons in the game, and the best mods to use on your loadouts, be sure to check out the Defiance Guru Game Guide – a detailed strategy guide that highlights the best leveling methods, Scrip earning techniques, and strategies for beating any enemy in PvE or competitive multiplayer.

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